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  • GeoHot Says GoodBye To The Community

    Three days ago we discussed GeoHot's "Meh" post regarding the iPhone 4 and Jailbreaking, and today we get a slight update to his announcement. In the slew of events and discussions over the last few weeks, George has decided to withdrawal from the Jailbreaking scene, tired and exhausted from the incessant demands for releases and abuse from the jailbreaking community. It had it ups and it's downs, and it has now come to an end for Mr. Hotz, as least here in the interweb.

    The tweet above was only an hour or so ago, so it it's official. There will be no more updates from GeoHot on jailbreaking. Both his blog and twitter have now been closed to the public.

    Soon after the "Meh" post, he posted an update to his blog stating the following, which was soon followed by the tweet above;

    Sorry, this post was probably a bad idea. Next time I wonít say anything. I miss when this blog was actually about technical things(Iíve been reacting too much to the feedback, which led it to the place itís in now). I didnít fully realize most of the current scene donít care unless they are getting something. Now I do. Itís late tonight, Iíll think about what to do about this in the morning.

    The real reason behind no release isnít technical. Itís just that it will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered. I miss the days when jailbreaking and unlocking were difficult, it attracted a much higher caliber crowd.
    Also, to the haters, the picture is quite obviously fake
    However, this isn't the end of the world folks. There is still a huge community of iPhone hackers and developers working hard such as the Dev-Team. Even George has tweeted some advice on who to follow for jailbreaking updates:

    Please follow my good friend @mikecohenn for all future jailbreak updates
    Goodbye GeoHot. Thanks for all your hard work! You've made a mark in iPhone history.

    For those of you interested, most of the Dev-Team can be followed on twitter.
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    1. flounderasu's Avatar
      flounderasu -
      Quote Originally Posted by sergioakakobe View Post
      Good Riddance,

      You Wont Be Missed!
      A bit ungrateful, don't you think?
    1. 1hihum's Avatar
      1hihum -
      While the guy has made some very awesome contributions, he has at times seemed to be a bit of an *** in my book. He posts tweets/videos/etc about how quickly he cracked the iphone, how easy it is to beat Apple, and how slow other hackers are with delivering jailbreaks, and then gets pissy when he is hounded for his easy jailbreak. If you don't want the constant harrasment, then don't post that ****! That being said, I'm sure I would probably be something of an *** too if I was continuously harassed about jailbreaking the iphone.

      Over the coarse of the last couple of jailbreaks the community has become very aggressive about getting them. It's funny though that we don't see these emotional roller coasters from the Dev Team isn't it. They generally have the devoted support of the jailbreaking community. They popst pics/tweets/videos/etc without all of the side show crap, and hence, far less animosity from the community.

      I do appreciate his work, and expect to see him back before long though. I don't think he can go too long before he needs the attention again. My bet is that he will sit out this jailbreak, but come bouncing back for the next one.
    1. delusion950's Avatar
      delusion950 -
      cry baby. like he was obligated to make blackra1n and or blacksn0w.

      hell be back when he needs some money for hard work he does.

      people ask for jailbreak ok little pressure just ignore it, myself i always donate for their hard work. i dont know why is he crying.
    1. Nightz's Avatar
      Nightz -
      Awwwww, I was really hoping to see what he did and use his program to jb my iOS4 again. Bye Geohot.
    1. delusion950's Avatar
      delusion950 -
    1. scooby4's Avatar
      scooby4 -
      See thats lame...if only poeple woulda got off his d**k for a lil bit...
    1. rjelwood's Avatar
      rjelwood -
      Can't say I didn't see something similar to this happening... Well I will honestly miss the level of quality and assurance from a release that I got, and I'm sure most of us got from Geohot. It's tragic that something so prized by so many could be taken for granted in so little of time... I know I hope to one day see his work available to a appreciative public again.
    1. almir's Avatar
      almir -
      One thing is certain is that people are getting to needy and they always want something for nothing. I remember when the first jailbreaking came out everyone was so excited to be able to jailbreak their devices and didn't care need more and as time wanted people have wanted more and more. I use to jailbreak my iphone 2g cause i lived in Australia and needed unlock but now i have no need for it that much because we have a iphone now. Wish you Geohot all the best in the future.
    1. stixx's Avatar
      stixx -
      The guy obviously enjoys the attention - why else all these "goodbye iPhone world" tweets? What's next, a one hour prime time special?
    1. Garland106's Avatar
      Garland106 -
      tbh i'm not surprised, dealing with people is a pain in the ***
    1. DjGreen's Avatar
      DjGreen -
      Quote Originally Posted by stixx View Post
      The guy obviously enjoys the attention - why else all these "goodbye iPhone world" tweets? What's next, a one hour prime time special?
    1. inyuke's Avatar
      inyuke -
      lol he got caught hacking software and in trouble lol...

      honestly, i appreciate his work

      But dont post something if you dont want to release it
    1. iphonerookie's Avatar
      iphonerookie -
      whatever...wasn't really holding my breath over him anyway....had a feeling he'd do this. ibnyaffa should just release a jailbreak! who's with me to get ibnyaffa to jb the iP4?! hoorah!!!!
    1. imilad's Avatar
      imilad -
      I think everyone is forgetting that this is the guy who gaves us our first unlock on the 2g.. Geo is G-enious
    1. eyeRobot's Avatar
      eyeRobot -
      Sounds suicidal!

      iOS4.0 must be too difficult for him.
    1. delusion950's Avatar
      delusion950 -
      Quote Originally Posted by imilad View Post
      I think everyone is forgetting that this is the guy who gaves us our first unlock on the 2g.. Geo is G-enious
      g-enious + whainer
    1. TwinSouls's Avatar
      TwinSouls -
      Forget all this madness! I'm gona figure this out and jailbreak my own iphone 4 and keep it all to myself Bwahahah *puts pinky to mouth like Dr. Evil* :-)
    1. PWNsyst3m's Avatar
      PWNsyst3m -
      Hell be back
    1. Hexane's Avatar
      Hexane -
      Quote Originally Posted by frozenra1n View Post
      I almost cried.
      Get a girlfriend.
    1. badmannie's Avatar
      badmannie -
      Quote Originally Posted by cory View Post
      can't really blame him... look at how people treated him...^^
      I agree^^ it's a great loss to the jailbreak community and for all the wring reasons ;(

      Good bye and good luck in what ever you do!!!

      Love live Geohot