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  • Phone Disk - Real Disk Mode for iPhone and iPad
    iOS 4, iPhone 4, and iTunes 9.2 Compatible.

    Feeling the Jailbreak Blues? Why not get access to your file system and access files directly from your finder while you wait for that unnamed Jailbreak Tool. Phone Disk, from the creators of iPhone Explorer (Macropant), will allow you to mount an iPad, iPhone (4), and iPod Touch to USB disk mode on a Mac. Phone Disk runs in the system tray of your Mac. Once mounted you can use it just like any other USB Drive.

    The application supports multiple devices, and gives you access to things like preview, open, edit, etc. Right now Phone Disk is Free, but it won't be forever. Sept 1, 2010, Phone Disk will include a minimal fee, but in the mean time, you can grab a free license and activate it now before this expires.

    Download Phone Disk for Mac

    If you're a Windows user and need a similar program, iPhone Explorer comes pretty close to Phone Disk for Mac.

    Thanks to iLaw-one for the tip
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    1. linkisbest's Avatar
      linkisbest -
      Why wouldn't you simply use iFun-box? That's free forever...
    1. waye2's Avatar
      waye2 -
      I usually ask the same question every time such thing comes to the world
      have anyone tried to run a data recovery software on it?

    1. The.Sniper's Avatar
      The.Sniper -
      Gotta love it when great software is free! THANKS MacroPlant!!!!
      Worked like a charm on my iPhone 4our
    1. Nightz's Avatar
      Nightz -
      Awww that sucks. I wish there was a Windows version of Phone Disk.
    1. aidensocal's Avatar
      aidensocal -
      adding photos to the dcim folder does not seem to work, they are not visible in the photos app even with the correct preferences ticked in the app... :-/ glad it was free
    1. JonnyBoy123's Avatar
      JonnyBoy123 -
      Quote Originally Posted by nickhesson View Post
      lol, you won't get very deep unless your already jailbroken. It's just the usual access, only this is disk mode, rather than an iPhone Explorer app. good luck lol
      Hahahaha! he's right! It's practically iPhone Explorer but disk mode! (Sorry for saying the same thing in the quote) But as for the 4.0.1 firmware update delayed because of the jailbreak, if that's true this really sucks for both the jailbreak community and people who really need the update! Either way between the jailbreak community and Apple, someone has to give in.
    1. smooth22's Avatar
      smooth22 -
      Will there be a SSH for the iOS4?
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Can't wait to jb my iPhone 4 and openssh with phonedisk.
    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
      I like how it works with Wi-Fi Sync
    1. Apple Repair New Orleans's Avatar
      Apple Repair New Orleans -
      After the iPhone is "mounted" does it show up in the Disk Utility?