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  • A Nuclear Powered iPhone? Not so Fast!

    How this concept grew into a widely discussed topic on the web is far beyond my capacity for understanding, but, alas, there are some iPhone fanatics who have misinterpreted recent coverage of a new potential energy-harnessing battery and, as a result, started speculating about the prospect of a "nuclear-powered iPhone" arriving one day in the future.

    Sounds like a great idea. Someone flubs a jailbreak and suddenly their city gets nuked. Actually, the super battery in question isn't nuclear-powered at all, just as our friends at Dvice pointed out in their coverage of the scientific discovery. As it turns out, you can obtain a "super substance" when you crush the chemical xenon difluoride with the pressure of 1 million times our atmosphere. What results is a "little metallic-looking brick that amounts to the most powerful non-nuclear energy storage device ever created." In other words, its a potential battery that you would never have to charge.

    Even though the scientists responsible for the discovery at Washington State's chemistry labs admit that we have a long way to go "before this tech has a commercial application," there are reports and hype suggesting that Apple may soon look into the potential of this technology to devise future iPhone batteries that will last an entire lifetime without a single recharge. That sounds cool... but it probably won't ever happen. And we're certainly just as unlikely to see a nuclear-powered iPhone battery. The shear insanity of the suggestion doesn't even warrant a discussion of the many ways in which such a concept isn't practical, safe, or possibly even feasible.

    Nonetheless, a lot of iPhone enthusiasts are "charged-up" by the discovery of this "super battery," and, consequently, it's a safe bet that we'll be herring plenty more nonsense about it in the days and weeks ahead.

    Image via Dvice
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    1. mortopher's Avatar
      mortopher -
      Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
      I will explain it for you. The average internet user is an ignorant fool. That is all.

      Case in Point: A handful of people responding to this thread think you can nuke your city with a small nuclear battery.
      Messany should understand it then, right?

      Peter: It's nucular, dummy. The 's' is silent.
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      Quote Originally Posted by mvhurlburt View Post
      Hey I'm the first ******* to post...1st hahaha....people are idiots. A battery never needing a charge would be great though!
      Not anymore....geez I cant stand the "Im first, hahahaha" posts.
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      ^Thank you. I was ready to spam him.
    1. kamu's Avatar
      kamu -
      re nuclear battery
      i’m thinking this kind of technology if used in space rockets which can fly for longer distances with much faster speeds (like tachyon)…
      well atleast we can hope for
    1. JaydeTech's Avatar
      JaydeTech -
      Quote Originally Posted by RICO_ View Post
      Of course. Who could turn down billions of dollars from the govt for a buyout of technology of that magnitude? And the government would either weaponize the technology or make it disappear. How can one profit consistently on something meant to last forever? They would have one massive run of sales and once anything and everything is forever-powered.........then what!?!
      Then you develop and bring new innovations.
    1. ecd5000's Avatar
      ecd5000 -
      at least its a step in the right direction for battery usage!
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Quote Originally Posted by lsufan51 View Post
      For real. I carry my charger everywhere.

      That sucks. Sorry to hear that. I get real good bat life on the i4.
      The first couple of days not so much but I was surfing alot and shooting vids. Now I get around 8 hrs with email push and about an hr of Internet. Along with about 30 min avg on calls. Much better than my 3GS and worlds better than my droid.
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      Quote Originally Posted by JaydeTech View Post
      Then you develop and bring new innovations.
      Like the 75mpg car that the gov't has in their back pocket and won't manufacture?
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Like the free electricity that Tesla wanted to deploy for everyone but it disappeared?

      Sorry I wanted to play the game too.
    1. elliottmatthew's Avatar
      elliottmatthew -
      The economic and safety considerations would sink your “small nuclear” proposition. First, scaling lowers cost so going smaller is more costly to run than it already is today. Since many countries have small reactor designs for their military one only has to ask why they haven’t already used them for commercial use.
    1. jdyates's Avatar
      jdyates -
      Quote Originally Posted by Messany View Post

      Sounds like a great idea. Someone flubs a jailbreak and suddenly their city gets nuked.
      I L'dMAO when i read this.
    1. politicalslug's Avatar
      politicalslug -
      I'm guessing this could work for Superman: just squeeze another piece of Xenon Difluoride (to 1 million ATM - his hand has this power) and stick it into his iPhone and baddah-bing-baddah-boom.
    1. adrian1480's Avatar
      adrian1480 -
      Quote Originally Posted by isanta View Post
      Another great article and noteworthy article by the one and only Messany
    1. Comedy's Avatar
      Comedy -
      Quote Originally Posted by adrian1480 View Post
      You have to admit. This isn't even passable as news. I tried putting him in my block list but it makes no difference to the front page.
    1. bencjedi's Avatar
      bencjedi -
      Stolen from a post on an article:

    1. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
      AnthonyGiola -
      YAY!! This stuff also cost an exorbitant amount of money to produce and in some cases a particle collider like the one that is 1 mile long and is a half mile underground!!!
      The genius's who started this rumor need to get their head examined.
    1. Mp3's Avatar
      Mp3 -
      Haha this was invented at my university. My school made modmyi news. I feel special!
    1. numanair's Avatar
      numanair -
      Quote Originally Posted by realjaja View Post
      Or one with a battery that u can simply change.
      What a wonderful idea! Why hasn't anybody done this before?! Oh wait. Everyone BUT Apple have.

      Oh, and it's pretty cool that this is sort of local.
    1. BeMacized's Avatar
      BeMacized -
      great idea. you jailbreak your iphone, get stuck in an infinite boot loop. you have to wail until the battery is empty. and then? what if it will never get empty?
    1. wazjackal's Avatar
      wazjackal -
      Next step would be everyone using cars that drive for ever unbreakable light bulbs there are out now but as if they would be mass produced and readily availiable cause where would the profit/market be then got to keep the world hungry and wanting new things that's why the ants get possesions they would like to have and use not what they must have there goes a flying pig again lol