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  • Froyo Unlocked on the iPhone 3G via ultrasn0w

    Sergio McFly, the developer of Android installer iPhodroid, an appication that assists in installing the iDroid port that planetbeing had developed which allowed Android on the 2G and 3G, has recently announced that Froyo can now be unlocked by using the recent ultrasn0w unlock tool. BlueRise's new OpeniBoot is to credit for this as he managed to port ultrasn0w compatiblity into it.

    "Wohooooo!! For the first time I've got my 3G ultrasn0w running Android Froyo UNLOCKED!. Many thanks to bluerise to make this possible. He just ported the ultasn0w into the new OpeniBoot. It took a long time to me to figure out and embed into the IPHODROID. Now, its time to make labs with 2G phone but Im in a rush to put this new release in the air and feel the people so happy to making calls everywhere"
    There is no official release for this, but you can bet that we'll see something shortly. In the meantime check out the developers blogs:

    Sergio Mcfly (sergiomcfly) on Twitter | iphodroid - Project Hosting on Google Code | iDroidWiki | Linux on the iPhone |
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      Sergio McFly, the developer of Android installer iPhodroid|

      Helloooo, McFly, anybody home?! Sorry, I couldn't resist LOL
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      ^^ that's what I was thinking, I love that movie
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