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  • Froyo Unlocked on the iPhone 3G via ultrasn0w

    Sergio McFly, the developer of Android installer iPhodroid, an appication that assists in installing the iDroid port that planetbeing had developed which allowed Android on the 2G and 3G, has recently announced that Froyo can now be unlocked by using the recent ultrasn0w unlock tool. BlueRise's new OpeniBoot is to credit for this as he managed to port ultrasn0w compatiblity into it.

    "Wohooooo!! For the first time I've got my 3G ultrasn0w running Android Froyo UNLOCKED!. Many thanks to bluerise to make this possible. He just ported the ultasn0w into the new OpeniBoot. It took a long time to me to figure out and embed into the IPHODROID. Now, its time to make labs with 2G phone but Im in a rush to put this new release in the air and feel the people so happy to making calls everywhere"
    There is no official release for this, but you can bet that we'll see something shortly. In the meantime check out the developers blogs:

    Sergio Mcfly (sergiomcfly) on Twitter | iphodroid - Project Hosting on Google Code | iDroidWiki | Linux on the iPhone |
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    1. PCeasar's Avatar
      PCeasar -
      You know what I don't understand, 2 things:
      I don't understand people that moan about what devs are doing instead of jailbreaks, no wonder Geohot said he's done until he's ready since the community uses him only for jb.

      Number 2, why do peole say the iPhone is the absolute best phone, I have one I love it but can I objectively say it's the best phone i don't know, it depends on the features that interest me considering the droid OS which is pretty damn good I could envision the HTC HD as working perfectly for me as well. I say all that to say this, don't just be apple sheep take a look at everything out there my iPhone does rock though, for now.
    1. switch42's Avatar
      switch42 -
      Is this out for the 2g?
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Nice work. However, running this crap is about as dumb as running windows vista soley on a Mac. Or putting a VW bug engine in a Farrari. I'm just saying..... I bought a iPhone for the iPhone. If I wanted a Pinto I would pick up the android for free with a box of Walmarts boxed wine. Guess I'll stay with my farrari and a glass of fine wine. LMAO. A serious note... Great job devs you all never cease to amaze us. To boot you give it to us for free. It's like Christmas every Apple update. Great job!!!
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Well I guess since support for the 2G and the iOS2 and possible iOS3 by next year are going away then 2G users can just use Android updates.
    1. stlcaddie's Avatar
      stlcaddie -
      I feel the love in the air, congrats to all the devs for doing whateva they want to do when they wake up in the morning. Oh, and thanks for squeezing in all the time and hard work that you guys do for all of US, for FREE.
    1. smuthers66's Avatar
      smuthers66 -
      Has anyone noticed apple saved us $30 dollors for the ones who still have the free 2g iPhone. Our iPhone 4 is compatible
    1. mkozak's Avatar
      mkozak -
      3Gs! 3Gs! 3Gs! I can haz froyo on 3Gs plz?
    1. lolcats1's Avatar
      lolcats1 -
      so how about we get a port of the gingerbread update? (android 3.0 lol)
    1. Ichwohneinloche's Avatar
      Ichwohneinloche -
      3GS please?
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ray661 View Post
      And FYI none of the jailbreak teams are included on this.
      PlanetBeing is part of the dev-team.
    1. ksiphone's Avatar
      ksiphone -
      @kuhndsn. "farrari"? Really?
    1. kmmxracer's Avatar
      kmmxracer -
      Yes Planetbeing is part of the iPhone Linux project but from the look of his tweets it seems he is the front runner in the iPhone 4 JB.
    1. mwillsey's Avatar
      mwillsey -
      lets get it on iphone 4 and 3gs now!!

      simple math

      ios4 + froyo = unbeatable
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      There is only one problem with this and that is that the Motorola Droid hardware is ten times the phone the Iphone is so it is already on a superior hardware, metal bodied, phone natively without any B.S....... and another one promised out shortly that's even better.

      If I liked Android as much as iPhone firmware I'd have jumped ship long ago.
    1. quicknight's Avatar
      quicknight -
      Quote Originally Posted by back9player View Post
      who is this directed towards?

      nevermind.. just read his post. lol..
      or HER post, right?
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      tool?maybe but IOS4 sux on 3G with multitasking as u have to delete programs in background or it slows it down Android prolly better.
    1. BlackHoleSlam1994's Avatar
      BlackHoleSlam1994 -
      When do we get the instant android on iphone tool that mac has had for months
    1. mugurels's Avatar
      mugurels -
      I can undertand people who have the iPhone just for that reason of working with the iPhone os no matter if it is 2,3,3gs,4. But nevertheless personally i would love to see the android on the iPhone 4 because the 4 has the almost exact hardware specs, with some pluses or minuses, as other android running phones. And the purpose of all that is just to see the difference. I mean why spend money on an android phone when you can have your iPhone doing that? I do not mine buying a programm that does android on iPhone at a good price or donating. If the dev teams that do this decide to port It to the iphone4 well here is one guy who says thanks a lot and where do i donate?
    1. jiggykilla's Avatar
      jiggykilla -
      Quote Originally Posted by mikerlx View Post
      tool?maybe but IOS4 sux on 3G with multitasking as u have to delete programs in background or it slows it down Android prolly better.
      Just run redsn0w and de-select multitasking /cydia and you should have your iphone speedy again excluding multitasking.
    1. olivo42's Avatar
      olivo42 -
      When's the new JB for 3GS (New bootrom) will be released?

      i just can't wait!