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  • Possible fix for reception issues?

    Some crazy (read: awesome) fellow over at [ame=http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=955742]MacRumors[/ame] may have accidentally run into the real cause of the so dreaded reception issue that has been plaguing the iPhone 4. The benefit of finding the cause is that the solution is so simple I'm still having trouble believing until I tried it myself.

    It actually worked.

    For those that can't be bothered to click or links or have the attention span of a cat on caffeine, here's the summary:

    Quote Originally Posted by shawntkeating
    Uh I have a possible reason this fixed the problem.

    After taking my sim card out to test this I inspected it closer for the first time.

    The metal part of the sim card is not centered and is contacting the sim tray. The sim tray is steel and the sim tray is contacting the outer antenna band. Once you touch the phone, this could be causing a sim issue.

    If when you touch the antenna line on the lower left it changes the state of frequency, power or what ever, it might actually be messing with the sim card.

    The metal on the sim is connected to the sim tray, the sim tray is connected to the antenae and the antenae is connected to your hand when you touch the phone.

    Take a look at your sim card and see if the metal is just off center enough to touch the tray. This might be so simple it's stupid nobody has thought of this.
    The general result from people posting there have been positive. "Fixing" this issue however can be tricky for some. As everyone knows, iPhone 4 runs a Micro SIM card, and the tray is designed as such that you really have no wiggle space to reposition it in order to avoid the sim memory to touch the tray. I personally used tape and it worked. Others have taken different approaches to the issue (cutting, coating, sacrificial goat), but the goal is the same: Don't let the sim memory (gold contacts) touch the tray!

    NOTE: Of course you can still death palm it and get the signal to fail, this is more directed at those users that have signal issues just by covering the slit with their finger, etc. There seems to be mixed results, maybe it does something, maybe it doesn't.

    Feel free to post your results here.
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    1. x| LiB |x's Avatar
      x| LiB |x -
      Dear iPhone 4 Customer,

      Thank you for contacting AppleCare.

      I have located the sales order number of your product. You may check the status of this order at https://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APP...ts/OrderStatus
      (in the 'Single order lookup' section). Simply enter this sales order number and the shipping zip code. Once the product ships from Apple, this webpage will tell you the carrier and the tracking number so that you can check the status of the shipment.

      The sales order number is: 8956857 1 Plastic Micro sim card tray

      If you have any questions regarding this process, please call me at 512-674-2500 x 77777. If I am unable to answer, please leave a message. I will call you back within one business day to answer your questions. Please reference your Case ID (8968574) at the beginning of your message.

      Corporate Customer Care Administration
    1. jdm.accord's Avatar
      jdm.accord -
      No luck. I taped it pretty good and was still able to kill my signal by holding it the way I normally hold a cell phone.
    1. unglt99's Avatar
      unglt99 -
      You know, he might have something here. I used an eligible upgrade for one of my other lines to upgrade the phone on my personal line. I had to cut my old regular SIM so it would fit the MicroSim tray. Once I put the home rigged MicroSim into the phone I noticed the reception problem. I went to AT&T a couple days later and got a real micro-sim and once they installed it, the reception problem was gone.
    1. x| LiB |x's Avatar
      x| LiB |x -
      joke of course ~
    1. vietxnameze's Avatar
      vietxnameze -
      nope didnt work..signal still drop crazy
    1. index's Avatar
      index -
      I just got a case -like any sane person should for their pretty pretty iPhone 4- and I haven't had issues since.

      So, no issues AND my phone is protected.

      +1 for index.
    1. Chevyman209's Avatar
      Chevyman209 -
      So.... just have a plastic sim tray right?
    1. AuSteeze's Avatar
      AuSteeze -
      I bet you you it's AT&T cards that are causing the problem.
    1. capttanhowdy's Avatar
      capttanhowdy -
      We would know if it's AT&T sim if we had an unlock for tmobile and then we can test that!
    1. jinman's Avatar
      jinman -
      I think it's the software my 3GS with 4.0 does the same thing
    1. iPhoenix3g's Avatar
      iPhoenix3g -
      I am on t-mobile in the UK and have no signal issues at all.

      UPDATE: I actually can only get my signal to drop if i have wifi switched on .. Anyone else getting this issue?
    1. iPhone3G[S]'s Avatar
      iPhone3G[S] -
      hahahaha, AT&T sim fail...

      I primered the sim tray black on the inside...

      I will let you guys know how it works out sooon

      EDIT: it worked!
    1. knguyen's Avatar
      knguyen -
      Quote Originally Posted by NOCSUCOW View Post
      "The files are IN the computer? It's so simple!" -Hansel
      LoL I love that movie. "Hansel, he's so hot right now, Hansel"
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by capttanhowdy View Post
      We would know if it's AT&T sim if we had an unlock for tmobile and then we can test that!
      Or others in differnt countries can say they are working fine.
    1. Reaktor5's Avatar
      Reaktor5 -
      Just tried this and used electrical tape. It seems that I get more bars now when it's sitting on my desk without me touching it, or it's just a sweet spot I found.

      But one finger on the seam and down the bars fall.
    1. stereo313's Avatar
      stereo313 -
      If you look at the tray where the sim card sits it is painted so it won't short out. I tried to some tape there just to try it out and I still get the same signal drop. Seems
      Like if it did short out the phone would not work at all.
    1. Forgoten Dynasty's Avatar
      Forgoten Dynasty -
      ATT will be handing out free sim trays soon
    1. rolandgabor's Avatar
      rolandgabor -
      Thank you for the tip.
      Its obvious that it will not fix reception issues , this fix will not boost reception should any one think it would. However it does help to provide better reception when holding the phone and helps with the issue of dropped calls on the iPhone4 where the 3GS would not drop calls.
      Based on my testing this easy fix does help, so thank you again.
    1. ephone's Avatar
      ephone -
      Mine is off centered as well. I placed a piece of tape where the gold contacts of the sim touches the tray. Signal still drops, although not as much. I'm also having slow wifi and 3g speeds as well.

      Ran speedtest.net

      before tape
      801kbps up
      543kpps down
      598 ping.

      after tape
      946kbps up
      218 kbps down
      201 ping

      lighting fast my ***!
    1. Apple Genius's Avatar
      Apple Genius -
      The problem may be fixed by an iOS software update, which is expected to come next month.