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  • Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week July 7 - July 13

    This recap will go over the best jailbreak tweaks that we've shown you this week. It's certainly not all of them, but we think these are some of the most notable. These are in no specific order, and they're all compatible with the Pangu version 1.1.0 jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x.

    1. Filza File Manager $5.99 with FREE trial

    We believe that the new Filza File Manager application is worthy of recognition. It's a brand-new filesystem browser for iOS 7.0-7.1.2 that lets you view, edit, move, or delete files from your iOS device's filesystem. It comes with several useful tools for users, including support for compression/decompression, installing .deb and .ipa files, running shell scripts, viewing different kinds of filetypes, and much more. You can have multiple open tabs at once, and the animations are fluid and smooth. The application also supports Wi-Fi-based file-sharing over your Web browser, so you'll never need to SSH into your device to add or remove a file again. This file browser definitely took us by surprise, and we are very satisfied with it. It would seem that from the user comments, many of you are also very happy with Filza, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already; a free trial is included!

    You can read more about Filza File Manager in our full in-depth review of the application at this link.

    2. Acute $3.00

    If you're into the idea of using your voice to command your iOS 7 device to do things, then you really need to take a look at a new jailbreak tweak called Acute. Acute is a very powerful voice command jailbreak tweak for your iOS 7 device that lets you perform Activator actions with the sound of your voice. The tweak itself recognizes what you're saying, and then ties it together with an Activator command. You can pick the commands you want to use and configure them yourself, and with another Activator command, you can enable Acute to start listening to your voice a Status Bar icon appears when the tweak is ready to listen to you. The tweak also comes with some other experimental features that you can play with on your own, but the meat and potatoes of this tweak is being able to perform Activator actions with the sound fo your voice. Check it out!

    You can read more about Acute in our full in-depth review of the application at this link.

    3. HandsFree 99

    Every once in a while your hands are too dirty to slide across the shiny glass display. Maybe you were changing your car's oil, or you were cooking and got sauce all over your hands. For you, there's a new jailbreak tweak called HandsFree. Assuming your iPhone was just sitting on your workbench, or your kitchen counter top, this tweak will let you wave in front of the device's proximity sensor to answer any incoming calls, whether they're phone calls, FaceTime calls, or FaceTime Audio calls. You can configure the tweak's sensitivity and how many waves you will need to do to prevent false positives, and best of all, the tweak comes with a slick interface that ties in nicely to the existing iOS 7 calling interface. It's a really handy tweak that we're sure can be useful in several situations, so in our opinion, it's a must have!

    You can read more about HandsFree in our full in-depth review of the application at this link.

    4. Vestigo $1.59

    Since Wi-Fi is so important to us, it would make sense for iOS 7 to come with a built-in Wi-Fi manager that didn't require us to dig into our Settings application for answers. Even if you were to do that, you might not find what you were looking for. A new jailbreak tweak called Vestigo brings an in-depth Wi-Fi manager to your iOS 7 device. You'll get a bunch of detailed information including previous networks with passwords, RSSI information, wireless router vendor information, Encryption types, MAC addresses, channels, and much more. The tweak appears and hides away nicely with fluid animations, and integrates with Activator for launching the interface. All Wi-Fi geeks should grab this tweak to enhancer their Wi-Fi experience on their iOS 7 devices!

    You can read more about Vestigo in our full in-depth review of the application at this link.

    5. DathKeys $1.50

    Since we've got a bunch of utilitarian tweaks in this recap, we can't help but throw in a nice customization tweak. DathKeys is a new keyboard coloring tweak for iOS 7.1 and later that will let you adjust such things such as the color/alpha of your keyboard keys, the color/alpha of the text on your keyboard keys, the shadow color/alpha underneath your keyboard keys, and more. It offers a wide selection of user-defined colors through the use of RGB and alpha sliders, so you can let your mind go wild and make your device look completely different from everyone else around you. Check it out!

    You can read more about DathKeys in our full in-depth review of the application at this link.

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    Stay tuned for our next edition of Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week next week - only on ModMyi!

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