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  • Death Grip Lawsuit Coming?

    A law firm that's known for starting or threatening class actions against tech companies now has its sights on Apple. Sacramento, California-based Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff is trying to put together a group of customers who are having reception issues with the iPhone 4 for a potential class-action lawsuit. On top of a lawsuit over the iPad 3G bait-and-switch, Apple's lawyers should have a busy summer.

    Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, LLP is conducting what the law firm calls a "Consumer Investigation" into the reception problems now known as the "iPhone 4 Death Grip." Their website urges people who “recently purchased the new iPhone and have experienced poor reception quality, dropped calls and weak signals” to contact them by phone, live chat, and email. Although they're not talking lawsuit at this time, it's clear that's what the "investigation" is about.

    The firm has initiated a number high-profile class-action lawsuits, and won a $87 million US wage settlement for drivers with the package delivery company UPS. And last year, Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff filed a nationwide class action suit over deceptive “offer” ads in games like Mafia Wars and Farmville. KCR may have some reason to think that Apple is a prime target for a suit given that they had settled a class action for $22.5 million last year to end complaints that the original iPod nano was unusually susceptible to scratching.

    Apple's official response to the Death Grip issue is still to just tell customers not to hold their iPhones in a way that lowers signal. Steve Jobs said explicitly in an email to a customer that "[t]here is no reception issue." Despite rumors of a firmware patch, no further action on the problem has even been hinted at by the manufacturer, which is generally silent about issues (like the 27-inch iMac screen glitches) until they have a fix in place. As Steve Jobs added in his email: "Stay tuned."

    Thanks to all the tipsters who sent this in.
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    1. Moosestache's Avatar
      Moosestache -
      I swear apple could give some of you a great big pile of dog krap and tell you it was an iphone and you would still love it.

      Quote Originally Posted by cheveli View Post
      Return the phone and buy a "Droid".
      I'm hoping Apple steps up and fixes the phone, then I won't have to worry about alternatives.
    1. cheveli's Avatar
      cheveli -
      Quote Originally Posted by Moosestache View Post
      I swear apple could give some of you a great big pile of dog krap and tell you it was an iphone and you would still love it.

      I'm hoping Apple steps up and fixes the phone, then I won't have to worry about alternatives.
      i-krap, now with corn
    1. mtb29er's Avatar
      mtb29er -
      Quote Originally Posted by wvcachi View Post
      If you have a reception problem, and it's a deal-breaker, all you have to so is return it for a full refund. Even if, in worst-case scenario, it was a bait & switch, everyone has the right to get your money back and buy a different phone.

      If I buy a coffee-maker, and I don't like how the coffee tastes, I don't need to sue Mr. Coffee, I just get my money back.

      I'm all for lawyers when they're really needed, but this reeks of being conjured by lawyers for lawyers.
      You said it my man!
    1. Moosestache's Avatar
      Moosestache -
      There is a difference between a phone dropping a bar or maybe even two and going from five bars to zero bars. That is what the issue is.

      Truthfully, I think the antenna is just part of it. In a couple of the other threads there has been talk of issues with the phone's software having issues switching back and forth between towers, or 3g or whatever. I'm hoping that the software issues are just compounding the antenna issue and a patch will minimize the antenna issue.
    1. alglez_00's Avatar
      alglez_00 -
      I think the lawsuit it's just stupid if u don't like the phone the way it is. Return it and buy something else.

      I got my iPhone since the 24 and no problems. And if the phone shows up with the a problem apple would repair it or exchange it.
    1. mmurphmsu's Avatar
      mmurphmsu -
      There is something to this issue. I hold my phone, with a case on it, the same way I did my 3G and it will go from 5 bars to 1 bar in 20 seconds. No I haven't dropped a call yet but its my data that suffers. I can't even run speed test and get over 100kbps when its at 1 bar.

      So I called AT&T yesterday and they said they were gonna send a wireless engineer out by where I work to test the signal. I got another call at lunch time today and we tried some different things, turn airplane mode on and off, turn off 3G then back on; didn't seem to help. They then suggested to do a restore and do it as a new iPhone and not as a backup of a previous, which I am gonna do tonight. The also unregistered my phone from one of the towers after I turned it off, and that has seemed to help somewhat.
    1. wareagle5693's Avatar
      wareagle5693 -
      Quote Originally Posted by one1 View Post
      HellI don't know ya what's stopping us from kicking this off now.

      On the bright side of things with this frivolous lawsuit.........

      "Countersuit, there's an app for that"
      hahaha ya

      Wow good one
    1. cheveli's Avatar
      cheveli -

      I have this case, no issues, and i feel safer knowing phone is protected.

      And while i didnt have the case, i really never had issues with reception.

      I dont like the fact all of this negative crap-talk is usually stems from some Gizmodo post.

      There is really nothing original on the news side anymore. This site is usually the last to post what i just saw in the AM.

      Only reason i still come on, is to look over what everyone's thoughts are.
    1. skiptowncat's Avatar
      skiptowncat -
      If I hold my phone in a certain way it does lose signal, but it's an unnatural way to hold it so it's never affected me. I'm left handed as well btw
    1. Dizi's Avatar
      Dizi -
      Quote Originally Posted by mmurphmsu View Post
      They then suggested to do a restore and do it as a new iPhone and not as a backup of a previous, which I am gonna do tonight.
      Oldest trick in tech support. When I did tech support for EarthLink and we ran out of excuses to tell the customer, we would tell them to run a Scandisk and Defrag, knowing it would take hours, and get them off the phone.
    1. cheveli's Avatar
      cheveli -
      Quote Originally Posted by skiptowncat View Post
      .... I'm left handed as well btw
    1. eg6motion's Avatar
      eg6motion -
      the real problem isn't the phone IMO, it's the users. People so bent on owning an iPhone that they would rather sue than to simply chose a different phone. It's not the only option out there. If you are having problems, there are options to take besides ***** about it and still demand to keep your phone. Exchange it, return it, sell it, but if you won't do anything, then be patient for a fix.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      My i4 didn't do this at first but now it is. In it's defense my 3G would also do this but not as bad. It fluctuates all over the place. For the most part it doesn't seem to loose much speed though.
    1. smittyjf's Avatar
      smittyjf -
      Quote Originally Posted by exNavy View Post
      Gee, a class action Apple lawsuit. Where can I sign up to receive a settlement check for $1.87 in approximately 18-24 months?

      This lawsuit is just to earn money for blood sucking lawyers, and not to allay any real world problems.
      Funny thing was I was actually in that Nano Lawsuit. They said you would either get a pouch in the mail or up to 37.50. I sent the post card in and figured I'd see a check for 1.28 but a year later I got a check for 37.50.
    1. dthiss's Avatar
      dthiss -
      Quote Originally Posted by shamori View Post
      I think the whole reception thing is Bull SH*T, I have the IPhone4 and this phone has the best reception I have ever experienced on any cell phone! I live in Bronx, NY and as we all know there are millions on people here all using the same cell towers and I have not had any problems! But the real test was going to and from Connecticut and also my trip to L.I. NY where the reception on any phone & network is horrible, I held my phone in a grip the whole time while making calls and using maps for directions and kept all bars and full service the whole time without ever losing signal.
      Well I think your an F'ing idiot. I've had ever generation iPhone and this thing is the worst yet. Just because you haven't had the issue, diesn't mean it's BS.
    1. lol_release's Avatar
      lol_release -
      What a joke! People can't work for a living they have to sue everyone in the states lol.
    1. mtb29er's Avatar
      mtb29er -
      "Ok so Im a little confused. If I hold in my hand with the "Death Grip" witch I dont and it looses signal then how does putting a case over it help? your not going to hold it any different with the case on. is it a magic case?
    1. dcgore's Avatar
      dcgore -
      That;s too much, i do not believe this suit will hold in court.
    1. zturn13's Avatar
      zturn13 -
      I think its to early to be sueing apple its been what a week since they released it give them some time to fix it almost any new tech has problems when they come out some minor some major just look at the 360!