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  • Death Grip Lawsuit Coming?

    A law firm that's known for starting or threatening class actions against tech companies now has its sights on Apple. Sacramento, California-based Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff is trying to put together a group of customers who are having reception issues with the iPhone 4 for a potential class-action lawsuit. On top of a lawsuit over the iPad 3G bait-and-switch, Apple's lawyers should have a busy summer.

    Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, LLP is conducting what the law firm calls a "Consumer Investigation" into the reception problems now known as the "iPhone 4 Death Grip." Their website urges people who “recently purchased the new iPhone and have experienced poor reception quality, dropped calls and weak signals” to contact them by phone, live chat, and email. Although they're not talking lawsuit at this time, it's clear that's what the "investigation" is about.

    The firm has initiated a number high-profile class-action lawsuits, and won a $87 million US wage settlement for drivers with the package delivery company UPS. And last year, Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff filed a nationwide class action suit over deceptive “offer” ads in games like Mafia Wars and Farmville. KCR may have some reason to think that Apple is a prime target for a suit given that they had settled a class action for $22.5 million last year to end complaints that the original iPod nano was unusually susceptible to scratching.

    Apple's official response to the Death Grip issue is still to just tell customers not to hold their iPhones in a way that lowers signal. Steve Jobs said explicitly in an email to a customer that "[t]here is no reception issue." Despite rumors of a firmware patch, no further action on the problem has even been hinted at by the manufacturer, which is generally silent about issues (like the 27-inch iMac screen glitches) until they have a fix in place. As Steve Jobs added in his email: "Stay tuned."

    Thanks to all the tipsters who sent this in.
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    1. the sr5's Avatar
      the sr5 -
      If apple were to allow end user testing, and REAL prototypes that END USERS/Customers use then they wouldn't have these issues, but instead they decide to provide in house testing where people are afraid to speak up about issues in fear of losing there jobs... Apple should look at this and implement a Consumer testing unit. because what they are doing now just isn't cutting it... IM not saying i dont like my phone... I have had all 4 generations now and everyone of the releases have had hiccups, they will work them out and solve the issue, or maybe they wont... but i would agree that jumping on the suewagon is horse ****.... You bought the phone if you dont like it then return it, if you feel you cant hang till all the issue are worked out... Overall i have to agree with the below:

      Quote Originally Posted by dhamien View Post
      It can't really be said more clear than this: Don't like the product, return it. That's what normal people do when they experience something like this.
    1. Cory Gillmore's Avatar
      Cory Gillmore -
      I was gonna post that you guys were a bunch of pansies and that there isn't a reception issue. Then I decided to check some YouTube videos of the issue. It's definitely real. Although mine is fine. I watched a couple videos where people weren't even covering the sides or sometimes even barely holding the phone at all and it would go from 4-5 laying flat on the table to no service-1 bars when barely being held at all. This is the only instance where I could see this compaining being justified. But if your reception issue can be resolved by moving one finger 1mm over (like mine), then you need to quit your crying and just move your damn finger over! But if simply holding your phone at all makes it unusable, then there's no way in a hell a genius bar dude is not going to replace it. Otherwise, move your fat sausage finger, buy a damn case (which you were more than likely going to do anyway until this came up and you started expecting one to be given to you) and shut the hell up please.
    1. mtb29er's Avatar
      mtb29er -
      Ok after many hours in my iPhone lab I have came up with the perfect solution. Hold the phone upside down while u talk. Perfect fix. BTW I have no lab