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  • Supply Shortages Plague AT&T iPhone 4 Roll Out

    Over the weekend, MMi exclusively reported a leak from AT&T Ninja about the iPhone 4 shipment to retail stores - an arrival that was to come in two waves - an early one Monday night and a stealth 2nd shipment Tuesday between 10:30 and noon. It turns out that all suspicions of a quick sell out have materialized, as we're now hearing from readers via Twitter (with pics to prove it) that lines outside some AT&T stores are much bigger than their inventories of new iPhones.

    According to one report, an individual was number 52 in line. The store, however, ran out of phones two customers ahead of him. 40 "reservation papers" were distributed for later today - more evidence of that second shipment expected shortly. With more reports surfacing at a rapid pace that many AT&T retail outlets only have fifty or so iPhones in store at the moment, lines of 100 people or more will likely result in substantial frustration for those who are experiencing the same supply shortages that they faced when standing in line - also to no avail - last Thursday at their nearest Apple store.

    As we learned (some of us with bitter tears) Apple had only a scarce quantity of iPhones available for customers who didn't successfully place their preorders on June 15th before the great server meltdown of 2010 - the most frenzied and unprecedented consumer outpouring in AT&T's online history. Today, June 29th, was all but overtly designated as the day where customers who couldn't preorder could finally get their handset on a first-come, first-served basis while "supplies last." Although AT&T was endeavoring "to ensure an extraordinary customer experience," it doesn't appear that it will be mission accomplished just yet, as demand continues to outpace even the most aggressive efforts to adequately supply retail outlets carrying the iPhone 4.

    More experiences from our friends on Twitter:

    @modmyi Can't say how many people were there (maybe 100), but the Manassas VA AT&T store only got 10 32GB iPhone 4's for the release today.

    @modmyi 35 phones left. Second shipment around 12:00 pm central time. http://yfrog.com/1x4x1bj

    @modmyi got mine this morning in boston. stores i called said they got 30 in this morning and will have another shipment of 30 later today.

    @modmyi was in line, Jefferson City, MO. ATT said they had plenty & getting more later today

    @modmyi Knoxville TN AT&T store ran out of 32GB iPhone 4 almost right away. More stock coming of all sizes "after lunch."

    @modmyi Stood in line this morning @ 6AM in Philly. Sold out of the 32GB in 5 minutes. Gave us a reservation for later shipment @ noon.

    @modmyi att in arizona has 14 total phones but 20 more will be in later today

    @modmyi just got my iPhone4 today. Arrived at the store at 5am, had the phone in hand by 7:15am. Only 28 people in our line... Success!
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    1. Amraam's Avatar
      Amraam -
      anyword on UK stores? Everywhere is still sold old as far as I can tell!
    1. zozodouce's Avatar
      zozodouce -
      Quote Originally Posted by thetoothfairy View Post
      wanted to get one on launch day but wanted the white one.... Good thing i waited because of the few problems with it the iphone4 but excited to get the new one for sure! By the time i get one it might not have the problems the iphone4 does right now. I do not know why the white ones have not been released yet!

      this happened last year as well. It will take awhile before apple catches up with the people wanting them and the orders....
      what problems?my phone is fine lol.
    1. eg6motion's Avatar
      eg6motion -
      this is why preorder = win. Sit at home, let the iphone come to you... and this year it was before the release date too!
    1. s4mb4's Avatar
      s4mb4 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mj0528 View Post
      ^ that chick does have a nice pooper
      might be a butter face though....
    1. dmerrill's Avatar
      dmerrill -
      Woohoo!! Picked up our second iphone 4 in Jefferson City, MO this morning, thanks to the moderators for posting my pic & tweet. We were in line from 12:30am, 8th to get there. By 7AM there were probably 100 people in line, but the store was certain they could accomodate everyone. We were done by 7:30 and they said that they were getting a second shipment today but were sure that they would sell out by close.

      Oh, and yes, we DO have jobs (or how could we afford new iphones?), but we also have days off, not everyone works M-F I also have to wonder if the Jeff City store got alot of them since it is the state Capitol.
    1. ipod touch u's Avatar
      ipod touch u -
      i camped out from 12:30 am to get my this morning, i was the 12th customer to be served, and when i asked how many they had in stock he replied " enough for everyone"
    1. ggab's Avatar
      ggab -
      I wonder when AT&T will ship my online order placed 6/23.
    1. dq13's Avatar
      dq13 -
      what sucks the most is that my co-worker got his on the mail on launch day (the 24th) at the office and HE HASN'T OPENED IT YET !!!!!!!!! he says he has too much work and doesn't have time to play with it now... dumb ***...
    1. clarky8's Avatar
      clarky8 -
      This is just plain ignorance. People waiting in these lines for a phone that loses reception when u hold it by the side.
    1. gmpendl's Avatar
      gmpendl -
      That is correct.The store I went to had a first shipment of 75 phones and a additional shipment.I had to get reservation papers to pick mine up with the second shipment.They said the phones would arrive at 1030 to come after 11 am to pick it up.Well they called me at 10 am and said my phone had arrived I could pick up at my convience.I also only waited in line for 1 hr to get my reservation so they were moving along very quickly.
    1. asma123's Avatar
      asma123 -
      Quote Originally Posted by reyg25atx View Post
      I am digging that chick in the second pic with the black t shirt and tight jeans. BUT What the heck is up with the Doily type vest?!!! Excuse me Miss May I borrow your doily so I can place my frosty beer mug on this table so I do not put a water stain on it? I left my coasters at home.
      yeah shes got a nice *** lol
    1. rico3459's Avatar
      rico3459 -
      woke up late and got to the ATT store at 6:30 and got my reserve for this afternoon yeah.
    1. A_DuB187's Avatar
      A_DuB187 -
      I think that was a pretty good strategy. I'm just glad I was able to get my pre-order in on the 15th. Ive been enjoying mine since the 23rd problem free!
    1. lineskis's Avatar
      lineskis -
      AT&T's in teh San diego area are currently offering vouchers for garunteed Iphone 4's today shipment comes in at 11am and phones will be sold to people with vouchers starting at 1pm. voucher is good till 8pm tonight and then poeple who didnt pick up there phones will be on sale to first come first serve in the mornin. hope that helps a couple people out in Socal. also the at&t store on rosecrans near point loma has more left for vouches. i just got 2.
    1. P911sc's Avatar
      P911sc -
      I was 30th in line this morning. They only had 10 32gb and 20 16gb. I got lucky and snagged the last 32. Even luckier that mine has none of the problems others are experiencing thank god.
    1. dwoods15's Avatar
      dwoods15 -
      Got my Iphone 4 today at the AT&T Store. Showed up at 0645, waited for an hour and a half and PIZZZZA! Iphone 4. They had 10 32GB's and the rest were 16GB's. I settled for a 16GB. However, I still have my preorder (July 14th) through Apple. Well I can sell that one...The line was much smaller than expected, maybe 30 people in front of me!
    1. teddyf1's Avatar
      teddyf1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by eg6motion View Post
      this is why preorder = win. Sit at home, let the iphone come to you... and this year it was before the release date too!
      Exactly. Loved that both my phones came to my front door...no hassle, long lines or anxiousness. I got up early on pre-order day knowing what happened would happen if I waited. So easy...LOL.
    1. rolandgabor's Avatar
      rolandgabor -
      Glenadale CA ATT store is not allowing more than one phone per person.
      I have two lines on my Family plan but was only allowed to take one phone and must go back with the other person on my plan later this afternoon to pick up the other phone.
      I was also told that without being "upgrade elegible" they will not allow me to buy a third phone not even at full price.
    1. geoffe's Avatar
      geoffe -
      I got in line in my town of about 300k people and was 8th in line at 5am. I needed 2 phones, one for me and my wife, and the district manager was there and told me to go get back in line and I got the second one about 20 minutes later. I was lucky. Have not yet noticed any problems with the phone.
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      Quote Originally Posted by s4mb4 View Post
      might be a butter face though....
      Lol does that mean she's ugly?
      I hate when that happens, she has such a bangable body but when you see her face, it's like ewwww