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  • "3.5G" iPhone 4 Blazes (Where Supported)

    With little fanfare, Apple has added High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) support to the iPhone, and it significantly improves performance. A report in ZDNet over the weekend indicated about 60% faster downloads and a 500% in upload throughput. The results will vary depending on the support for HSPA on the local AT&T cell: in Boston, I'm getting about double the download throughput I used to get with my iPhone 3G, and somewhere between eight and ten times the upload. Zowie.

    The iPhone 4's support for HSUPA as well as High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA, which was also supported by the iPhone 3GS) makes it Apple's first "3.5G" phone. AT&T is using HSPA as an evolutionary step towards its 4G LTE network which will begin deployment in 2011. The carrier has begun testing its advanced 3.5G network, capable of up to 7.2 Mbps downloads, in six cities - Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami - with 19 more to come by sometime this year. HSUPA adds an additional transport channel called the Enhanced Dedicated Channel (E-DCH), which will allows for uploads as fast as 5.8 Mbps.

    ZDNet did their testing out in Louisville, Kentucky which - though not a major city - has a solid network: they saw downloads in the 2 to 4 Mbps range and uploads consistently around 700 Mbps. Gizmodo tested the iPhone 4 in New York, with its notoriously congested network, and still found 5 to ten times improvement in uploads.
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    1. camperchuck's Avatar
      camperchuck -
      my town was a test market for 3g back in the day, so i was hopin they would be testing things here but no joy. my results were random. depended on if i was holding it, if i was by a window, if it was in my iplop(beanbag for idevices)

    1. fgarza's Avatar
      fgarza -
      However, I am in my 6th floor apartment in the loop in between 2 high rise buildings, so maybe that's partly the reason for the slower speeds than others in Chicago.
    1. UTPharmer's Avatar
      UTPharmer -
      Houston, TX by the medical center.

      Wifi via comcast

      Via AT&T wireless.
    1. kraziebone's Avatar
      kraziebone -
      What is latency? I have 2.84Mbps download and 1.42Mbps Upload here in orem utah
    1. drka0tic's Avatar
      drka0tic -
      3G in NYC

      WiFi from my Optimum Online 30/5

      Just SICK!!!
    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      Why would you need a "phone" to have fast d/l speeds? I mean its not like youre seeding a bunch of torrents off the damn thing Lmao
    1. aimetti's Avatar
      aimetti -
      fast dl speeds is important for anything u do on your phone pretty much. Such as streaming video / browsing etc.

      The upload speed is the portion that would pertain to seeding on torrent.
    1. arielv's Avatar
      arielv -
      I live in California and my speed appears to be over 10 mbps! Is this right? I did the test like five times to make sure.

    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      ^you know what i mean torrenting dealing with large bandwiths
    1. nautical79's Avatar
      nautical79 -
      in times like this ihate to live in third world country, no more than 1.5 mbps. i dont have an iphone 4 yet but anyways still chiti network
    1. sobeniceguy2's Avatar
      sobeniceguy2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
      2Mbps down in South Florida...nice
      Yes I am seeing about 2mbps download and 600-700 kbps upload here in miami.
    1. NessLookAlike's Avatar
      NessLookAlike -
      Any chance this is just a software thing and my iPad 3G can do this eventually? Cause I'll be honest, I don't have some screenshots to post right now but I barely get a fraction of the speeds the rest of you get.

      My best ever speeds over 3G using SpeedTest:
      Download: 385KB/s
      Upload: 40KB/s

      EDIT: And just to clarify, those are my BEST EVER speeds, typically I get ~85KB/s down and ~16KB/s up.
    1. ALAN523's Avatar
      ALAN523 -
      i wish i could test:/
    1. mj0528's Avatar
      mj0528 -
      Just wish the latency wasn't so bad. I'm getting 2-3mbps and 1-1.6mbps but latency is like 1000ms
    1. mvhurlburt's Avatar
      mvhurlburt -
      That will be a nice upgrade...hopefully I'll have one tomorrow morning...missed my chance last Thursday....now only for the i4 spirit!
    1. PAKIS-RULEZ's Avatar
      i don't where u get this crap stats or ur speed is slow i am on 3gs wireless g not even n.. and on 3gs i get 7.02mbps for download and 1.74 for upload... imagine if i use n... in iphone 4
    1. NessLookAlike's Avatar
      NessLookAlike -
      Quote Originally Posted by PAKIS-RULEZ View Post
      i don't where u get this crap stats or ur speed is slow i am on 3gs wireless g not even n.. and on 3gs i get 7.02mbps for download and 1.74 for upload... imagine if i use n... in iphone 4
      I don't think anyone here is interested in WiFi speeds (802.11g and 802.11n), we're interested in cellular speeds over 3G: the speeds that AT&T provides, not your home internet connection.
    1. maxgsteinberg's Avatar
      maxgsteinberg -
      i average about 2.03 MB in download and 0.24 MB in upload. im in boca raton FL, do i have to have IOS4 installed to get more? or is it based on my area?
    1. szfebje's Avatar
      szfebje -
      Houston, TX (3GS)3.1.3


    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Lol 3.5g