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  • Daily Mail Fail: UK Paper Falls for Spoof

    The UK's second biggest newspaper, quoting a Twitter feed clearly marked "of course this is a parody account," ran with a report that Apple would be recalling the iPhone 4. After being lampooned in numerous tweets as the "Mail Fail," the story was pulled from the Daily Mail's website, but a screenshot was saved on Nic Dafis's Flickr photostream. The Mail's "Sister Website" ThisIsMoney.co.uk is still running the story as straight news as of this posting. [UPDATE: they finally figured it out.]

    The lede of the Mail's story quoted the ceoSteveJobs tweet in reporting on a possible iPhone 4 recall: "The much-vaunted new iPhone 4 may be recalled, Apple boss Steve jobs revealed last night. Posting a message on the social networking site Twitter, the tycoon said; 'We may have to recall the new iPhone. This, I did not expect." On launch day, ceoSteveJobs featured the joke tweet "I heard the CEO of AT&T got married recently. The service was great but the reception was terrible." That might have been a hint for the Mail's writers.

    Some reports over the weekend held out the hope of a software fix for the so-called "Death Grip" problem, though the Apple Support forum postings reporting that Apple would be releasing an iOS upgrade were quickly deleted, as well as all posts that referred to the deleted posts.

    modified image via Nic Dafis (cc)
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    1. Chunky_83's Avatar
      Chunky_83 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chase817 View Post
      Maybe you people should read the post before commenting next time.
      I did read the article thanks for asking, maybe you should only comment on things you know.

      Reason I said that is because of all the rumours its hard to believe whats true or not with apple/people writing up fake stories these days.
    1. zkzk2009's Avatar
      zkzk2009 -
      damn the new iphone is suck they have to do recall... sorry at&t... zk2010
    1. robertr1's Avatar
      robertr1 -
      That paper must just be awful to use twitter as a creditable source of information to write about...
    1. rockjohn's Avatar
      rockjohn -
      there no issues with my phone i fricking love it
    1. eddiele76's Avatar
      eddiele76 -
      ha yeah my iphone4 is nothing short of fantastic. glad i got it on the second day of it being out! and only having to wait 30 minutes in line. =]
    1. cpkirkley's Avatar
      cpkirkley -
      Recall or not, I still see a non iPhone5 hardware revision coming down the pike.

      Personally, I love sensationalist new stories, alot more entertaining than that article they did on Blankfein...*snore*
    1. knguyen's Avatar
      knguyen -
      Quote Originally Posted by Apple. View Post
      My iPhone 4 has no issues whatsoever
      No death grip
      No discoloration
      No sensor issues

      If hardware is faulty EVERYONES iPhone would be defective
      Seriously, I thought I was the only one without any issues with my i4. I've been holding it in so many ways imaginable in many locations now for the past couple of days but could not reproduce this so call reception issue. I also examined my screen very closely and messed with the sensor for a bit and couldn't find a single problem. The only problem I have with it in iOS4. It sucks. I miss Cydia....and that one app-which-must-not-be-named.
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Try to hold it, lift your right leg and point your finger to the front, close an eye and you are going to loose 2 lines of signal. I need that recall.
    1. smooth22's Avatar
      smooth22 -
      Its probably false!
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Look at the way Steve is holding the iPhone, is that the right way? He dont want to fail again infront of him, like in WWDC showing the wifi feature.
    1. g12007's Avatar
      g12007 -
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      This is a epic failure. Using Twitter as a source?! WTF?
    1. Xtremeiphone's Avatar
      Xtremeiphone -
      my phone has the death grip but its not all that serious that everyone is making it out to be. its the best phone in the world and its the most selling cellular device in the world so of course there are going to be some small glitches. there will eventually be a fix
    1. Markanthony3211's Avatar
      Markanthony3211 -
      Epic fail!
    1. Srbin's Avatar
      Srbin -
      I don't have any issues with my iPhone reception loss or sensor problems or color loss. But i did end up with MC model lmao.
    1. scatman10's Avatar
      scatman10 -
      @ kpall312 you called your iPhone 4 an iPhone 4g lawl
    1. Brandonii's Avatar
      Brandonii -
      Just FaceTimed my wife. If you know what I mean.
      7:27 AM Jun 26th via Twitter for iPhone
    1. jay601b's Avatar
      jay601b -
      Quote Originally Posted by Excel Wiz View Post
      Haha. That does fail. But my iPhone 4 doesn't have anything wrong with it at all. I am 100% satisfied with it.
      I am too....like that old saying goes they are "making a mountain out of a mole hill", at least i think that is how it goes lol
    1. GellBrake'rrrr's Avatar
      GellBrake'rrrr -
      I'm having problems with my new iphone4 too.
      1. I can't put it down.
      2. People won't stop asking to hold it (which I don't want them to drop).
      3. I'm wasting valuable time watching videos on it now, cuz the resolution is absolutely brilliant!!!
      I could go on and on, but people need to stop hating!!! This phone is a game changer, and I have yet to find a flaw, except for flash, and of course my beloved jailbreak!
    1. ealvinito's Avatar
      ealvinito -
      I think there needs to be a recall.. I have reception issues and nobody should have to hold a phone a certain way in order to get the right reception. That's BS!!! Anybody who is saying they don't have any problems just cover the bottom left section of the phone where it is split on the side for more than a few seconds your bars will go down for sure. It's a flaw in the design.. FACE IT!!! Trust me I love apple and their products but they screwed this one up bad!! I love my iPhone 4 and the design. Apple needs to fix this. It's not certain batches either I don't believe that, it's all iPhone 4's. RECALL!!!!!