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  • False Hopes Pinned to Rumored iPhone 4 Software Update?

    MMi has been privy to no shortage of "tips" this weekend that a rumored iOS 4 update may be released as early as Monday morning to address the rampant iPhone 4 antenna issues. Given the influx of complaints that have pelted both Apple and the blogosphere about this peculiar and persistent reception bug, it makes sense for Apple to address the matter. Of course, Apple already did. It's just that few seem to find the response to be adequate.

    On Thursday evening, Apple spoke to the nagging antenna glitch by taking a general swipe at all cell phones. "This is a fact of life for every wireless phone," the company said. "Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas."

    But somewhere between then and now, a rumor surfaced that Apple will release an update early Monday to help repair the problem. The only concern - and this isn't news to anyone - is that the "Death Grip" solution isn't likely going to be software-based. And for this reason, it may be safe to conclude that Apple isn't going to release an update tailored to address the reception debacle.

    Since pre-orders began, Apple has sold an estimated 1.5 million iPhone 4s. That figure could reach two million by the end of this month. And as reception complaints turn up more frequently as the days pass, Apple is going to have a remarkably difficult time pacifying customers with a simple statement that "all mobile phones" have similar reception issues when held improperly.

    Of course, since last Thursday we've heard reports of everything from massive recalls and bad batches to software fixes and free bumpers for all. At this point, however, it isn't clear to anyone what Apple's next step will be. But Apple will soon have to make a next step. Because the escalating frustration with the iPhone 4's antenna glitch has become far too widespread to sweep beneath Cupertino's carpet much longer.
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    1. smooth22's Avatar
      smooth22 -
      Thats a good one, they might even update a 3G to 4G signal lol.

      LIke most people say thats a hardware issue not a software issue, s**t thats not good it sounds like a recall on the way if so its a big mess!

      Great! a melted brain with a Iphone in hand.
    1. Dayvidpriddy's Avatar
      Dayvidpriddy -
      As I posted in another thread, when I called Apple on the 25th about this issue, the girl I spoke with informed me that many people who had the 3GS who updated to iOS 4 were also calling in about their reception/bars issue. Unless that is not the case (and I know it is cause I know people who have 3GS who updated) then it's a software issue. You just have to wait for Steve Jobs to quit saying "don't hold it like that"...

      On another note, I have noticed that the issue is not happening if I'm outside (even though I get full bars inside.) Who knows!
    1. avnyc11's Avatar
      avnyc11 -
      has anyone tried holding the phone at the top by the audio jack where the 2 antennas also connect. i dont have this issue as much as others, and i cant get it to happen every time, it has happened a few times, and i drop calls like there is no tomorrow, but is this problem also persistent if you hold the top of the phone by the audio jack where the antennas meet?
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      LMAO "A melted brain holding an iphone in hand."
    1. dexterfl's Avatar
      dexterfl -
      I am using the new speck candyshell and all problems r gone. not saying this case will fix the problem but i think that any good case will solve it, well at least for now.
    1. x6411's Avatar
      x6411 -
      I definately think it is actually software related.

      It's a software based glitch which lags the rate the signal frequency is changed..

      If you do the 'deathgrip' you will lose bars, keep your hand there... it changes frequency...then it goes back up to 5 bars after a few seconds.. I think a software update could stop this lag between the changing of frequencies so when you do the 'deathgrip' the drop in signal is not noticable.

      P.S I tried the 'deathgrip' on my 3G before iOS4... Fine.. After iOS4.. Same symptoms as the iPhone4.
    1. nosnam's Avatar
      nosnam -
      I dont have a iPhone 4 but a 3GS and I updated to ios4 and have not been losing reception or calls but have noticed that I have less bars and service cut in more areas. I only had 1 area before I knew I would lose service, now there are alot more and I am in the Edge network alot more. I never hit edge networks unless I went to a small area that AT&T didnt service and I was piggy backing on another tower. I want a iphone 4 but I am hurt and not working until I get better. That works out well cause I knew there would be bugs right off the bat. So anyone want my 3gs when the time comes, it will be for sale.
    1. lexquiles's Avatar
      lexquiles -
      Quote Originally Posted by Luppin View Post
      Actually, the reception issue stems from a bug in iOS 4 and can be observed on the 3G and the 3GS

      That iOS 4 reception issue is looking more and more like a software bug Boy Genius Report
      That's great... I have both the 3gs running 4.0 and the 4g. I tested the 3gs without the case and your right it did the same thing as my 4g... I put my case on my phones and everything works great... Since I always have a case on my phone I don't run into these problems however, when they are ready to exchange my phone I'll gladly get a newer one
    1. Luigi453's Avatar
      Luigi453 -
      Happens on my 3gs now, but did not on 3.1.2, so i will have to side with software as i had the same experience with my friends 3g, and the model iphone 4 at apple.