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  • Spirit Exploit Ported for iOS 4 and iPhone 4 : Coming Soon!

    Our good friends, MuscleNerd and planetbeing, have announced that Comex's Spirit userland jailbreak has been ported to work on iOS 4 and even the iPhone 4!

    Before you go asking like crazy, I'll tell you now... There is still no release date, but rather, just great news that our next Jailbreak tool is right around the corner. The image above that you see is high-resolution, at the native iPhone 4 resolution, just a bit of extra proof that it's working. Go ahead, click the image and see it in it's full glory.

    Stay tuned folks, our next Jailbreak tool will arrive shortly.

    NOTE: This is not the bootrom exploit, but rather another userland jailbreak, which means Apple could patch it in the next update, so make sure you back up your blobs once your jailbroken.

    Tweet from MuscleNerd:

    Congrats to @comex for another userland JB Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter <– hi-res Cydia via @planetbeing & @chpwn iPhone4s

    Tweet from PlanetBeing:

    Think I’m the first one I know about to get a root shell (and SSH) on iPhone 4, using poor @comex’s code (since he has no iPhone 4).

    on another note however,

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    1. Baz1205's Avatar
      Baz1205 -
      Congratulations guys. You never cease to amaze me. Fantastic work.
    1. v1shal's Avatar
      v1shal -
      Quote Originally Posted by carlos916 View Post
      jailbreak + iphone 4= jizzed my pantz!!
      my sentiments exactly
    1. knguyen's Avatar
      knguyen -
      falalalala lala kaching.
    1. skelotic's Avatar
      skelotic -
      So does this mean I should restore from 3.1.3 to 4.0 on my ipod touch 3g if I jailbroke with spirit or should I still wait?
    1. kmmxracer's Avatar
      kmmxracer -
      How do we get our SHSH blobs for iPhone 4
    1. iHarryDo's Avatar
      iHarryDo -
      Ahh … a Sign of Relief
    1. allanes5's Avatar
      allanes5 -
      Great news!

      Need unlock though!!
    1. iPhone3G[S]'s Avatar
      iPhone3G[S] -
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4]YouTube - Jizz In My Pants[/ame]
    1. igarys's Avatar
      igarys -
      woooot! Lets hope it gets released soon
    1. FURBY8704's Avatar
      FURBY8704 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kmmxracer View Post
      How do we get our SHSH blobs for iPhone 4
      Save iPhone 4 SHSH Blobs (ECID SHSH) on iOS 4 | Redmond Pie
    1. fattylumpkin's Avatar
      fattylumpkin -
      Can't wait. I miss BiteSMS and SBSetting!!
    1. Windmeel's Avatar
      Windmeel -
      Quote Originally Posted by Vandale View Post
      This is the best thing i heard since 911
    1. EskimoRuler's Avatar
      EskimoRuler -
      Can't wait!!!!!
    1. reagan5194's Avatar
      reagan5194 -
      offtopic, but is it just me or is there no shsh saved feature for 4.0 in cydia
    1. Anthonok's Avatar
      Anthonok -
      Idk exactly how facetime works, but anyone think that maybe apple can block it on jailbroken devices? Or have it not work if not on the latest firmware
    1. marvin378's Avatar
      marvin378 -
      Thanks comex for the great works! i hope this is also hactivated the phone =)
    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      What is MyWi and whats it for??? see the name everywhere no clue what it is
    1. Nightz's Avatar
      Nightz -
      Ok, I just jizzed.
      I've already decided to restore/update again and then use spirit when this all released again. Woo.
    1. k.nitsua's Avatar
      k.nitsua -

      ::keeps eye on twitter for more news::
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      MyWi works on iOS4 perfectly and the new update is amazing!