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  • AT&T to get 2 iPhone Shipments Tuesday

    [UPDATED: the store manager will tell people how many iPhones are coming in the second shipment.]

    Just got a leak from AT&T Ninja about Tuesday's iPhone 4 shipment to retail stores. Apparently, the shipment is coming in two waves, with an early one Monday night that is expected to sell out quickly and a stealth 2nd shipment Tuesday between 10:30 and noon. The store manager will [not] wait until all the iPhone 4s are gone before telling the people in line that a second shipment is coming. They'll take "reservations" from the people still in line when they sell out, so they're suggesting people stay in line in case some of the people in line don't buy because they don't have upgrade eligibility or they're over their limit on their credit card… what the document calls "fallout."

    They are also setting aside 2% of all the phones they get - half 16GBs and half 32GBs, for "customer escalations," presumably this means phones that customers bring back and want replaced.

    An inventory report will be available Monday afternoon to the store mangers that will indicate exactly how many iPhone 4 (16GB and 32GB) they will receive in their Monday and Tuesday shipments. The manager is to subtract 2% with a 50/50 split of 16GB and 32GB. This will provide some inventory for customer escalations.
    Apparently, this is all being done "to ensure an extraordinary customer experience."
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    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      Seriously I feel bad lol I just walked into Apple @ 8am the next day of release and was out in 25 min
    1. yentrog31's Avatar
      yentrog31 -
      Quote Originally Posted by paganizonda83 View Post
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      "ignorance is bliss, " Thomas Gray.

      forget it pagan there are way TOO many extremely joyous spirits on this thread who are not yet enlightened.

      btw..I just noticed AT&T has the iP4 back available on the website finally..so maybe they will get some in-store as well.
    1. rryyddeerr's Avatar
      rryyddeerr -
      waited in rockaway nj for an hour before they let us in the mall. the entire group of 40 or so sprinted like it was gym class upstairs to the att store. frekin great. syncing my new 4 right now.
    1. Retell's Avatar
      Retell -
      Flemington NJ store had about 25 people in line with only 6 32gb's and 7 16gb's in stock at that moment. The first of which got there at 10PM. I was like 11th in line and I got there at 5:20am. I had the option to get a 16gb later today or a 32gb right now. I chose the 16gb later today. I'll post up when I get it.
    1. General Klinger's Avatar
      General Klinger -
      ATT store in Mt Laurel, NJ must of had a ton of phones because I was like 40th in line at 630, and left at 7:45 with a 32GB.
    1. ianblondeau's Avatar
      ianblondeau -
      I stood in line in freezing cold for over an hour today to have them tell me they didn't get 32's. After having my pre-order cancelled and that happening I'm pretty pissed.

      And my room mate, who pre-ordered his right after me in line at the store on the 24th got his. And mine got cancelled. wtf.
    1. h3lpmedic's Avatar
      h3lpmedic -
      Currently in line at AT&T store (Northgate Mall Seattle) 6:46am. One of the last few to get a ticket to claim a phone. About 35 ppl ahead of me.
    1. airtron's Avatar
      airtron -
      I waited in line in Columbus, they tell me they are out and give me a voucher and to come back at 11 for the next shipment.
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Went to ATT store on the 28th night at 11PM I was the second one, when they opened at 7AM there were like 70 people there, the first one in the line apparently was friend of some ATT employees there cuz he was taking with them like old friends, one of them came to him and told him, we only have 16 iPhones, hopefuly I was the second one, once I had "my precious" I went out of there running before the people start to fight and complain about the low inventory. Finally I have it and working perfect, no signal problems if I hold it "wrong" like Steve said and retina display perfect.
    1. xxblackoutxx's Avatar
      xxblackoutxx -
      Hey everyone, me and the girlfriend arrived at my local mall where they said they were getting the shipments today at 6am. we were like 35-36th-ish in line. they opened at 7, they had 49 16's and 7 32's. well glad to say my g/f and i got our 16's we wanted, no probs wit it, everything seems fine so far and am very happy. i def am a iphone wh*re but the whole retina display hype thing...ehhh yea i agree the screen is def better but not like holy sh*t i just crapped out a boat awesome, other than that i love it!!
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      At last! Congratulations on a happy outcome javiert30 - it's been a tough ride but you got there in the end
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
      At last! Congratulations on a happy outcome javiert30 - it's been a tough ride but you got there in the end
      Yea man, you know it was...
    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      ^ No antenna issues at all? Try holding the phone in landscape mode over 3G with your 2 thumbs on bottom and pointing fingers on top

      If I do this on mine, within a minute or minute and a half my bars drop