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  • iPhone 4 Coming to T-Mobile in UK

    The iPhone 4 is coming to the UK via T-Mobile. This evening, there is great buzz surrounding the announcement, which for now, simply foretells of the smartphone's arrival on T-Mobile. At present, the UK T-Mobile site is only asking visitors to "register their interest" by filling out a form. If you do, T-Mobile will keep you posted about pre-ordering, prices, plans, and "everything else you need."

    In recent weeks, some mobile industry analysts predicted that T-Mobile would be the next US carrier to offer service for the iPhone. Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu observed following the conclusion of WWDC 2010: “While the general consensus is around Verizon (which we believe will happen eventually) we continue to believe that T-Mobile USA is the most likely candidate given its use of similar cellular technology (to) AT&T.”

    while there are rampant rumors that this announcement from T-Mobile also includes coverage in the US, it does not. Of course, there is no telling if the carrier will soon make an announcement regarding iPhone 4 service in the states, but there is no confirmation of yet as to that potential eventuality. In the UK, however, the iPhone 4 is expanding by leaps and bounds and finding new homes though new carriers. 02 is now touting on its home page that the iPhone 4 will also be available through the British carrier.
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    1. zYxMa's Avatar
      zYxMa -
      Quote Originally Posted by Je5 View Post
      T-Mobile data would be a disgrace to run on the iPhone it would be like having a Benz and not being able to afford it..!!! TMO is horrible and their reception sux
      Ur obviously talking about T-Mobile US? T-Mobile UK is one of the best networx that provide us with "unlimited" browsing. It used to be "unlimited" 1GB fair usage per month. Not sure what it is now, but I think it is still 1GB. This is more than enough for me. I obviously don't download 1080p movies via 3G, but for general use it is more than enough.

      Don't know what's going on with T-Mobile US. These are two totally different companies with just the same name...
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      T-Mobile UK has a great HSDPA network.
      I have W'n'W plus which gives me 3Gb but that's why I pay over £20/month (including Flext35)