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  • iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Malfunctions Reported

    Increasing numbers of iPhone 4 users are reporting the touchscreen becoming active during phone calls when the proximity sensor would normally shut it off, leading to inadvertent button-presses. The reports are coming in with enough frequency and consistency to suspect a hardware or calibration issue with at least a particular subset of iPhones. No word from Apple yet.

    The iPhone's proximity sensor uses a small infrared LED and uses the reflection from nearby objects to deactivate the touchscreen when it's close to your head. If you hold it up to an iSight or other camera that can read near infrared light, you can usually just see the glow. The problem may be in how sensitive the detector is set to be on some phones or an actual problem with the detector. So far I haven't noticed it with my own phone, if I make a call and hold a finger in front of the sensor with my finger the screen deactivates out to about an inch away.

    An email from a MMi member this morning reported hearing keypress tones during calls, and in one instance his phone tried to initiate a FaceTime call while he had the iPhone to his head. There's an Apple Support thread with forty-one posts as of the time of this writing, most with similar reports. One user says the display activates when he rocks it from side to side.

    Anyone out there seeing this?
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    1. PanayiotisN's Avatar
      PanayiotisN -
      My God! Why Did they release iphone 4 if they noticed so many problems?
      Or Worse why didn't they noticed that and all of its problems! i mean Antenna problem display problem and now this? i think apple was too rush and to excited and they released iphone 4 without even completed it! With so many problems i think they must release another iphone or say that this isn't they iphone 4 and make one better! and by saying better i mean without having problems! Fortunately i didn't buy the iphone and sorry for you guys but i think you must go to apple and ask you money back! pay so much money for a faulty phone? (ok...ok...is too beautiful to do that so expect a repair from them or replace) Apple dissapointed me!
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      Holy crap, I can't believe all the problems.
    1. x2dope's Avatar
      x2dope -
      only problem here is the one I havent read on a big news website which is the battery draining faster than my Jailbroke 3Gs. This thing is worse, maybe the same!
    1. spyder2005's Avatar
      spyder2005 -
      @Panayiotisn: Thats cause we are obsessed ignorant iPhone lovers forcing Apple to release a new phone every year and publish stolen prototypes forcing them to speed up production and release dates in order to minimize losses on previous models.

      To all those people who fueled the Fire, you are at fault, now your burning.
    1. peelerdude's Avatar
      peelerdude -
      with all theses malfunctions im wondering if they pushed this out early because of the leak, bc there seems to be a lot of things turning out to not be looking so good, an iPhone cant even make calls? Im glad I waited and are hoping that these don't turn out to be hardware issues
    1. UTPharmer's Avatar
      UTPharmer -
      Quote Originally Posted by s4mb4 View Post
      the only problem that i have had and i am surprised it is not headline news... when i rotate the phone in my hand a certain way, i can no longer see the screen. very weird and random, but learning to live with it.
      You probably shouldn't rotate the phone away from your face. It only works if you rotate it on a plane perpendicular to your face, man.
    1. eastpointvet's Avatar
      eastpointvet -
      Quote Originally Posted by x2dope View Post
      only problem here is the one I havent read on a big news website which is the battery draining faster than my Jailbroke 3Gs. This thing is worse, maybe the same!

      same problem here
    1. Turb02's Avatar
      Turb02 -
      I only have the reception issue...and the fact that if I try to download ANYTHING from the app store when im on 3G, it takes forever!!! full signal where its sitting, trying to download a >10 meg app and its been downloading for at least 8 minutes and has barely moved the blue bar.
    1. bignastyjb's Avatar
      bignastyjb -
      Got it happening on mine as well noticed it today. Dialed numbers and put on speaker by accident three times during one 10 minute phone call.
    1. XFaega's Avatar
      XFaega -
      I'm looking at software issues. Sometimes my screen is really bright at night in low lighting the it will just for no reason dim to almost un seeable. As for the antenna that is a hardware issue but the other stuff software. The i4 hardware is solid but the software is making the i4 look bad. I'm sure our battery issue is to do with software not reading the battery correct. Even thou the battery shows low I'm still getting tons more mileage on a single charge.
    1. vegassteven's Avatar
      vegassteven -
      Wait for the apple gambits to call itnansoftware issue!
    1. italia_xtreme's Avatar
      italia_xtreme -
      You will have this issue if you dont set up the iphone as a new phone, dont retore it. It happens because of the firmware. I spoke to an apple rep about it. I havent had an issue with anything so far.
    1. vegassteven's Avatar
      vegassteven -
      Wait for the apple fanboys to call it a software issue!
    1. giancarlo's Avatar
      giancarlo -
      Quote Originally Posted by vegassteven View Post
      Wait for the apple fanboys to call it a software issue!
      It is a Software Issue! Sorry I couldn't help it....
    1. severe's Avatar
      severe -
      I've had the issue as well.
    1. RByers's Avatar
      RByers -
      Only made 6 calls so far but 3 out of them I was hitting buttons with my face
    1. severe's Avatar
      severe -
      An estimated 65% of Americans are overweight.

      Just say'n.
    1. XFaega's Avatar
      XFaega -
      We need to give Apple some hope. Ya you many of you may think it's just a hardware issue but if the software doesn't communicate with the hardware then ya you will have issues. Also when I did my i4 I set it up as a new phone and still having issues. I'm sure it will get fix. I know when pre ordering the i4 it want going to be perfect since it was a some what a new step fior Apple. But anyway I still love the i4. I'm don't regret getting it.
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      I've looked for the proximity sensors which I could see clearly on my 3G...but can't on the i4.

      I've also tried calling several times with the phone to my face and the screen doesn't switch off like on my 3G...did they forget to add a proximity sensor on mine???

      My battery on the other hand has been okish so far...haven't had the luxury of checking out the signal dropping issue as my i4's been in a case the nano second it came out of the packaging...

      If there's a real issue, as I suspect there may well be, I expect apple to do the honourable thing and recall and replace ALL these phones!!! They cost enough as it is...

      Have been looking at the pics taken on the phone and I'm wondering if it really looks like 5mp or....

      Hope this s**t is really cleared up quick...I'm beginning to get pissed. Sort this out Jobs!!!
    1. XFaega's Avatar
      XFaega -
      One more thing. I think Apple is trying to hard an needs to stick to what they do best.