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  • Apple Says iPhone Yellowing Will Fade

    Some users are hearing from Apple Support that the reported yellowing and discoloration of the iPhone 4's Retina display is a temporary condition that will go away in time. This claim is supported by a poster on AppleInsider's forums who says he sold adhesive to Apple that they used to affix the glass covers. However, some support reps are telling people to bring their iPhones in for replacement, indicating (at least) disorganization inside Support.

    On the first day of the official iPhone 4 retail launch, a number of problems including reception issues and excessive scratching have been garnering a lot of attention. The screen yellowing began to be reported yesterday, and complaints have multiplied as the first production run of iPhone 4s hits the streets. One AppleInsider poster going by the name "austingaijin" [ame="http://forums.appleinsider.com/showpost.php?p=1659997&postcount=122"]claims that the yellowing is a result of an adhesive[/ame] used to bond the Gorilla Glass onto the iPhone's case. The poster, saying that he was involved in "pitching" the product to Apple, says they are using a bonding agent called "Organofunctional Silane Z-6011" and that the manufacturer is probably not allowing enough time for the adhesive to fully dry before shipping the units. But, the poster asserts, after "one or two days of use, especially with the screen on" the bonding agent should evaporate and the color should be normal.

    A Gizmodo reader sent an email to report that Apple Support made a very similar claim when the reader had called to report screen discoloration. The rep said "that it is residue from the manufacturing process and that they rushed the shipments out to hit deadline... the residue is not dry fully yet and it should clear up within a couple of days." Other support reps, however, are directing users to return their iPhones for replacement. We'll see in a few days whether some Support reps are better informed than others (it does happen) or if the "adhesive" story is just that: a story.
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    1. Salival's Avatar
      Salival -
      What about battery issue? will fix coming?
    1. salmedina87's Avatar
      salmedina87 -
      Apple is not looking very good. I guess i will wait till Christimas for mine! Hopefully everything is fixed by then
    1. Otacon132's Avatar
      Otacon132 -
      ok, so what about the reception issue?
    1. Antman217's Avatar
      Antman217 -
      This is exactly what I was thinking cuz when I bought my first PSP it had some discoloration but I didn't care I just wanted to
      play the damn thing and after playing for a long time the discoloration faded. So I would say just use the phone a lot and let it get a bit warm and the yellowish color should fade out.
    1. lineskis's Avatar
      lineskis -
      I have small screen discoloration and i will see in a day or 2 if it dissapears or not. i assume it will
    1. Jmataska's Avatar
      Jmataska -
      Good to know that the white ones that are being produced more slowly may not be subject to these flaws, even the temporary discoloration. Thank goodness for patience, I knew I felt like I should wait for the white one to come out. Let em fix the lil things and get it all in order.
    1. scooby4's Avatar
      scooby4 -
      Now im kinda glad apple cancled my order....but hopefully it really is just some glue
    1. DJM AutoWerkz's Avatar
      DJM AutoWerkz -
      @ Saliva
      What batter issue ?
    1. risingkazuya05's Avatar
      risingkazuya05 -
      That's what y'all get :P
      Just kidding...i'm dying to get one but i got TMobile so I guess I'll have to wait till everything gets fixed and stick to my 3GS
    1. engelke2010's Avatar
      engelke2010 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Salival View Post
      What about battery issue? will fix coming?
      What battery issue? This is the first I have heard about one. Of course, I've been near an outlet most of the day so if there was a fast drain, I could recharge.
    1. TranceField's Avatar
      TranceField -
      looks like I got lucky, no discoloration issues what so ever. I also haven't experienced any reception issues.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Love the pic used lol.
    1. jordaan's Avatar
      jordaan -
      My 3G has had pixel problems from day one and if it doesn't affect the performance in any way, I honestly couldn't care less. I understand people expect a certain degree of professionalism from Apple, but yellow screen? I think I can deal.
    1. Dollfayce's Avatar
      Dollfayce -
      I, too, am wondering about this battery issue. ???

      No discoloration here; however, I am able to reproduce the reception problem. I ordered a "bumper", so I am anxious to see how that corrects the issue.
    1. NozzyEz's Avatar
      NozzyEz -
      Dunno about this one. the residue story sounds probable enough to believe, I guess we will see in a few days. However, if it is just residue that needs a few days to dry it is still NOT OKAY. Now I don't have one yet so I haven't seen it for myself, but when I buy what is supposed to be the elite of the premium phones/gadgets and it costs there after, I expect an absolute pristine product, if that is not the case, they will have to replace it and learn not to 'rush' things some other time.
    1. j3wbagell's Avatar
      j3wbagell -
      Pretty easy to get one here in 0rlando
    1. Lprox5's Avatar
      Lprox5 -
      I haven't had great battery life. With little use today with a full charge from 10 am to 7 pm and an iTunes connection for a bit, my battery is at 65%. So I am not impressed. Just reminds me of my 3G I just replaced.....
    1. iSteed's Avatar
      iSteed -
      This thing just looks freaking amazing. I'm tickled. Lol
    1. TypeRBass's Avatar
      TypeRBass -
      Battery issue?? I've had none...been on it constantly, a nice upgrade from my 3G
    1. defdad's Avatar
      defdad -
      I got my phone today and I noticed that the whole screen had a slight yellowish tint when comparing it to my old 3g. As for the signal fading out, I did notice that a little but I have it in an iFrogz case now and have full bars no matter how I hold it. I have had it almost continuously on this afternoon with the brightness at max, and still showing almost a full charge.

      On a side note, this is a huge improvement over my 3g in performance.