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    You guys just keep sending in photos of the crazy lines that formed for iPhone 4 launch. We just waited over 8 hours in one to grab a couple more phones - and during that time got tons of photos from all of you and your lines!

    We've set up a gallery you can view them at - modmyi.com/gallery/iphone4launch. Check it out...

    If you'd like to keep sending photos in, hit up our Twitter (@modmyi) and we'll add them as we get to them!
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    1. kingchkn's Avatar
      kingchkn -
      Wow that's NUTS. Was it really worth it though? I believe those who conquered, yes. The rest shall be divided.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      That's sad. Don't those people have better thing to do
    1. isanta's Avatar
      isanta -
      I got mine right at 7am at att. When I first walked in there were 250+ people at the apple store. I kind of feel bad for all those people who were waiting in line all night only to see me walk out in with 2 iphone 4s in ten mintues.
    1. kingchkn's Avatar
      kingchkn -
      I grabbed mine from Wal-Mart. They had 2. I got there at 4 and another car came at 4:15. A security guard walked out handed us each a ticket and said go home, come back at 7:30.
    1. Excel Wiz's Avatar
      Excel Wiz -
      I'm in line right now. It's not so bad. Free muffins from apple.
    1. zoso10's Avatar
      zoso10 -
      I was about to go stand in line but my July 2nd ship date was moved up and it shipped out today. I wonder if other people's later shipping dates have been moved up.
    1. mobilexile's Avatar
      mobilexile -
      My local Apple Store sold out in just over an hour. At least they were willing to tell me that they're out of stock over the phone. I'll give 'em credit for that. To bad they effed up the pre sale in such an epic fashion.
    1. ikesmasher's Avatar
      ikesmasher -
      They dont have anything better todo? Sheesh
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      I'm gonna there and show them off my phone while they wait in line. I'll make sure I grab it from the right side though, otherwise I'll drop my signal
    1. mobilexile's Avatar
      mobilexile -
      I'm going to have to agree, life is too short to stand around a mall to buy a phone. Even if it's the Jesus phone.
    1. vietxnameze's Avatar
      vietxnameze -
      i slept in with my iphone
    1. dq13's Avatar
      dq13 -
      Hey, I rather be on my feet doing a line for something I really like than being on my feet since 4am anyways at work LOL!
    1. gafu's Avatar
      gafu -
      Standing in one since 7am and about 15 ppl away from getting in.They're letting reserved and non people in and forming two lines also by the store...not as crazy as I thought.
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      I waited 30 min before stores opened to get my 3G and 3GS...today I did not and literally went to 10 different places and they were all sold out. Goddammit!!!
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      Quote Originally Posted by vietxnameze View Post
      i slept in with my iphone
      Did you also re-name your phone "Cuddles?" Morning quickie?
    1. pm_kennedy's Avatar
      pm_kennedy -
      I'm gonna wait to see what happens with this reception issue before I think about getting one. I hate lines. I'll wait a few weeks
    1. snocross432's Avatar
      snocross432 -
      Not to rub it in...but I got mine yesterday. Kinda feels like winning the lottery. I won $7 on Powerball once. So no...it doesn't feel anything like winning the lottery. It's way better!!!!!!! Enjoy the lines!
    1. blindfreek's Avatar
      blindfreek -
      thank god for Best Buy having appointments!

      lol, i sent in a picture of me laying in bed but it didnt get put in the gallery... lol
    1. clarky8's Avatar
      clarky8 -
      All these people waited In line and u can't touch the sides of the phone cause u will lose service. Waste of a day
    1. NArush's Avatar
      NArush -
      Pre-ordered mine and got it yesterday.. wow, I luv it!! I just miss MyWi... well soon to come, I hope..