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  • Say What?! iPhone 4 Loses Reception Bars When Held by the Antenna Band?

    Talk about holding one's calls.

    Apparently, if you hold the iPhone 4 by the antenna band, you'll lose your bars, your reception, and maybe even your call. As this video making the rounds showcases, holding the handset with your fingers pressed upon the antenna throws off your cell reception and effectively reduces your bars all the way down, in some cases, to zero.

    Of course, it isn't yet clear if the real issue relates to an inaccurate showing of bars or a significant problem with the actual antenna. But as thousands unbox their iPhone 4s and activate the long awaited updated smartphone, you may want to give your device the finger so to speak and play the home game version of this video demonstration.

    But as Paul noted earlier in his piece "iPhone 4 Screen Defects Reported," in every new product, manufacturing defects are almost inevitable. So as scattered but undocumented complaints similarly surface, there's a good chance we'll know in the coming hours and days if this example is an isolated incident (and let's hope that it is)... or if this is the first real bug and potential nightmare for the 4th generation iPhone and its customers.
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    1. remoteme's Avatar
      remoteme -
      Apple already found a solution for the problem........It's called a bumper for $29.....ha ha ha.....Why do you think they waited so long to make a "case"...This is why.
    1. DJSMITH's Avatar
      DJSMITH -
      If you cover the black lines along the sides, the reception drops... try it!
      YouTube - iPhone 4 Reception issue identified! Part 1
    1. arfreitas12's Avatar
      arfreitas12 -
      A quick fix i found was to take 3g off and leave it on edge... the signal is affected less by touching the black line on the left
    1. jroch99's Avatar
      jroch99 -
      I haven't read all the posts, so excuse me if someone already said this. I'm just wondering if some clear armor on the sides would help. I'm am going to try it as I am still anxiously awaiting the ups man. Just a thought.
    1. Milly79's Avatar
      Milly79 -
      I tried it in Best Buy and it didn't happen for me. 3GS and 4 both had the same reception. Griffin Reveal case fixes it all, though.
    1. kjrexplorer's Avatar
      kjrexplorer -
      I find it interesting how all these reports are coming out about people having problems when they hold the phone in their Left hand with their thumb covering most of the the antenna on the left side. That antenna is for the bluetooth, wi-fi, and GPS. It's the right side that is the antenna for the GSM.
    1. irich25's Avatar
      irich25 -
      Quote Originally Posted by xclusiveiphone View Post
      Just sold mine on ebay and switched back to my 3GS. Now I can get a free one after this is all fixed.
      lol your not going to get a free one unless you return your old one... FAIL
    1. yentrog31's Avatar
      yentrog31 -
      Hi all,

      I got my iPhone yesterday, it had the connection issues, etc.

      Short version:

      Just got off the phone with Apple. They're sending me an overnight replacement. They're aware of this issue, and I was told that a batch of phones went out without some sort of protective coating (jives with the comment about clear nail polish).

      posted on another site...fact or fiction?
    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -

      i see pages and pages of people complaining about the problem but nobody with a solution, or what was said when trying to replace there device
    1. arfreitas12's Avatar
      arfreitas12 -
      i called and they told me if i go into the store they will replace it... but with what i have no idea. im sure the store has no more phones
    1. Rob_Quads's Avatar
      Rob_Quads -
      Looks like the problem is NOT due to the new phone. I have just recreated it on a 3GS. Holding the phone caused it to go from 5-3 bars and then it went back up again when I put it down.

      Video of it on a 3GS running iOS4 - YouTube - IPhone 3GS - reception problems
    1. salmedina87's Avatar
      salmedina87 -
      Im almost glad i did not preorder. Wonder when a fix is going to be made.
    1. djk1's Avatar
      djk1 -
      Went to the AT&T store to buy a quick case for the phone. I mentioned the antenna problem to the sales guy and he told me that I did something to the software like jailbreak it. Right away I knew I was dealing with an idiot. So I asked the store manager about it, he told me that he didn't know what he could do about it because they didn't have any in the store. He told me to call apple...
    1. Moosestache's Avatar
      Moosestache -
      Quote Originally Posted by salmedina87 View Post
      Im almost glad i did not preorder. Wonder when a fix is going to be made.
      I bet the fix will be made when I exchange the phone.
    1. robertr1's Avatar
      robertr1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by salmedina87 View Post
      Im almost glad i did not preorder. Wonder when a fix is going to be made.
      But didn't you hear? Apple did make a fix for it and they called it a bumper. Honestly I'm really starting to wonder if they found this problem and just decided to fix it by making a case and hoping everyone would just put it on as soon as they got it. I know it sounds super stupid but I mean really there's no way they didn't miss this issue when they made the phone.
    1. andre2you's Avatar
      andre2you -
      Got my iPhone 4 yesterday and noticed that my reception was worse than my 3g iPhone at home. I bought the iPhone 4 bumper today and once I get home I will see if the reception improves (I doubt it, but what the heck!). If it does fix the problem that's really a black eye for this new phone. I'll check back later.
    1. rruready's Avatar
      rruready -
      Lol. I find it funny how just a few days ago there were people commenting to the effect of "I just got confirmation that I'm getting my Iphone 4 a day early. Jealous?". After reading this article, and a majority of the comments confirming it, I can honestly say "No".
    1. NiteStar's Avatar
      NiteStar -
      I checked out my 3Gs with 3.1.3 and holding it the same way, it goes to 2 bars from 5, instantly. Doesn't seem to get lower than that, so maybe it's a problem that's always been there, but much more evident in the 4G beause it goes to NO bars.
    1. rubberneck's Avatar
      rubberneck -
      Hilarious.. I just got off the phone with Apple support on this reception issue.

      First the support person told me it sounds like a local network problem. I explained that sitting on my desk I have 5 bars, in my hand I have zero.

      She then had me reset the network settings. I did that and the phone rebooted. It came up with 5 bars, I placed it in my hand and counted down to her 4,3,2,1 nada. Then put the phone my desk and counted back up 1,2,3,4,5.

      She then said it sounds like a problem with the SIM card so take the phone to a local ATT store and have them replace the SIM card.

      Is there ANY chance in he11 this could be a SIM problem?
    1. arfreitas12's Avatar
      arfreitas12 -
      so the apple store i went to seems to have a magic force field that prevents apple products from malfunctioning. I went to the local apple store in the mall and told them about the problem and they asked me to show them... ofc i was like no big deal let me just put it in my hand and...... nothing bars didnt go down... i stepped out of the store and went on my way home.. and now it does it again.. the guy thought i was crazy or something