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  • GeoHot Is Back! One Exploit To Rule them All! pwned4life

    Before you get excited, this is a news piece, not a notice of release. Patience is a virtue.

    It's been clear these days in jailbreaking land, as far as any new "ra1n" goes. However, that doesn't mean there is nothing going on. In fact, it's the complete opposite. Geohot has been rather quiet on Twitter these days, keeping to himself, however, behind the scenes, GeoHot has been hard at work creating, what I am starting to think, will be the next, best, jailbreaking tool.

    George Hotz (Geohot) has been in France recently, taking part in the Nuit Du Hack conference. Started in 2003 by Hackerz Voice team, and inspired by world famous DEF CON, “Nuit du Hack” is one of the oldest French underground hacking conference to date.

    During one of the "talks" held during the confernce, George gave a presentation in which he discussed the discovery of his newest bootrom exploit - which by the sounds of it, can eventually jailbreak or "pwn" every iPhone and iPod Touch available, including the iPhone 4. In fact, it sounds like he has something that could be used again and again for any new iPhone devices that are released in the future. The name he has given this project is "pwned4life"

    Keep your eyes peeled. I suspect we may see this tool surface in the next few days or weeks.

    Below is an 8 minute clip filmed during GeoHot's presentation:

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    1. igarys's Avatar
      igarys -
      You guys probably bug him every sec in a minute and every minute in an hour. I bet he has everything done but doesn't feel like releasing
    1. beatmac's Avatar
      beatmac -
      im not one to hate on talented individuals, but why announce such a controversial exploit-knowing a huge number of people will be waiting for it-and turn around to say he won't release? its either he's on apple's payroll, or this is pure douchebaggery.

      just sayin.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      So wy post to hate on him then?
      He never said, correct me if I am wrong, that he had a JB, just an exploit which may be used for jailbreaking. Having an exploit and actually turning it into a working JB are two different things.
      When Sherif Hashim found the exploit for the unlock he shared it with me - that did not mean I had an unlock.
      I believe Posix has this exploit and is working on a JB but it's a tethered JB.
    1. beatmac's Avatar
      beatmac -
      i was simply expressing frustration. i spent my savings on a phone i cant even use on my carrier yet, so naturally after waiting for pwned4life and seeing his twitter post i was upset.
      that doesnt mean i dont respect him or value his work or recognize his intelligence. but how do you know posix is working on this? how do we know for sure that posix's jb doesnt become another "pwned4life"?
    1. aneel_6's Avatar
      aneel_6 -
      there friends... I am in 3gs 3,1,3 / new bootroom, i heard about the new reales of geohot, but i am a little slow to understand,
      if i updrate it to os4 is it possible to unlock my phone then or not ? or should i wait for unlock for 3gs ? i have jk it with spirit and works great.. ?? help pleas !
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      @ beatmac it's not his job to deliver anything at anytime , nor is it his fault u purchased a phone u cant use yet...geohot said he was comin with pwn4life but didn't say hey buy phones now! So expression of your frustrations should be directed toward you for purchasing a device without knowing when or how it will be usable for you...or sucks because u couldn't get official carrier
    1. snowdweller's Avatar
      snowdweller -
      LoL @ people hating on GeoHotz, I haven't seen you guys doing him any favors..
    1. shmootz's Avatar
      shmootz -
      I'm guessing no one is that worried about this :P:

      Leaked iPhone 4 and iOS4 Secrets
    1. snowdweller's Avatar
      snowdweller -
      That 7 - 14 day baseband check has me a little bit worried. If this is true your warranty will be void and you wont even know about it.

      On the other hand, I can't really take someone seriously if their name is "Alpha" so i'll wait till this info comes from a reliable source.
    1. thuwun's Avatar
      thuwun -
      Geo always has our back. The world just wouldn't be the world w/o JB. thaks again Geo
    1. myworld's Avatar
      myworld -
      geohot:In Berlin where there are no Apple stores. USA in world cup! No plans for new jailbreak. Stop asking.
      10:06 PM Jun 23rd via web
      source: George Hotz (geohot) on Twitter

      I think geohot got big money from Apple for not releasing any jailbreak and keep talking lie that he can jailbreak new iphone..so people get hope the geohot will release jailbreak soon...and they buy new iPhones..and by that way..apple & att makes big money...geohot gets his part of money..and he keep saying lies to people..
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      ^ another one who has no idea what he's talking about
    1. j3lly's Avatar
      j3lly -
      Wow the hating around here is ridiculous. Everyone should have known that it wouldn't be out day 1 of the iphone launch. I think we were spoiled last year because we did get it right away. People just need to learn to be a little patient.

      Anyone thinking Geohot is on Apple's payroll needs to jump off a bridge. Heaven forbid the guy pursues other interests for a week.
    1. ChrisRC1985's Avatar
      ChrisRC1985 -
      Quote Originally Posted by j3lly View Post
      Heaven forbid the guy pursues other interests for a week.
      People have no patience. I am sure his life does not revolve around making the jailbreak for the iPhone community.
      I think all the jailbreaks he has given the community has spoiled the majority if JBers, now instead of being patient and respectful, some of us act like spoiled brats.

      bottom line is the man does an amazing job of putting these JBs together for us, so lets do our job by being patient and wait for it to come with dignity.
    1. Salival's Avatar
      Salival -
      He ia great, so stop ask him when, when,when,when.. I also want JB but, if he said: i have exploit.. Then when he finish all job it will be out!!
    1. beatmac's Avatar
      beatmac -
      yea i see that
    1. JaMaBBo's Avatar
      JaMaBBo -
      10 pages of pure speculation.

      I did find this fun to read. It's as good as all the JFK conspiracy theories.

      Maybe Oliver Stone will do a movie on Geo too!

      Stop pissing and moaning about a JB for the new iphone and stirring up the Mob. It will happen when it will happen, either by the Dev Team, Geo, or some one else.

      Remember patience is a virtue. This definitely applies to new technology and the hacking world. It's a game of cat and mouse. Release it to soon and the exploit can be blocked.

      Hell I'll even drop a speculation.

      Maybe Geo is waiting to see what exploits are being used by the other Dev teams used for a JB. Apple will patch that, then he will release his JB.

      Chew on that for a bit...
    1. zYxMa's Avatar
      zYxMa -
      I want him to bring back my otheros to my ps3.

      I wouldn't expect any jailbreak from nim anytime soon.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Hi Res Cydia on the iPhone 4 Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter
    1. tokinwhiteboi's Avatar
      tokinwhiteboi -
      just joined this forum tonight. i hade my 3gs 3.1.3 jailbroken with spirit and noobishly upgraded to ios4. Have tried EVERY possible method from every possible source to either jailbreak 4.0 or downgrade back to 3.1.3 so i can spirit JB again. anyways i am waiting very patiently for the next big thing to come out, found this topic pretty interesting! i found this today Unlock Iphone 3G/3Gs 4.0/3.1.3 in 3 Steps – ClawPack To Jailbreak iOS4 ! | Breaking Updates i really hope that's just a random scam and not geo sellin' out!! can't wait for him to drop that pwned4life! Sh!t my gf would be givin him BJ's 4 life! sounds like a fair trade, JB pwned4life in exchange for BJ's 4life!