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  • Attention UK, France, Canada! Apple Confirms Unlocked SIM-Free iPhones

    It's been a big day of clarification for Apple. From clearing up rumors about an Apple Store app release with an actual Apple Store application, to setting the record straight on SIM-free iPhones being unlocked, Apple fans are getting plenty of answers today - unless, of course, you want to know exactly when your white iPhone 4 will be ready

    Today, Apple is confirming that the SIM-free iPhones sold in Canada, the United Kingdom, and France are, indeed, unlocked. Needless to say, these unlocked devices aren't locked in to any one provider - you know, like we're used to in the US. Available without contract and ready for use with any preferred carrier is a remarkably refreshing concept, isn't it?

    From Apple:

    When you purchase your iPhone from the Apple Online Store, you’ll get it commitment-free. So you can sign up for service with the carrier of your choice and change your carrier at any time.
    Here's the financial skinny, if you're not already familiar. The SIM free unlocked iPhone 4’s can be purchased for 499 (16GB), and 599 (32GB) in the UK. It'll run you €629 (16GB) or €739 (32GB) in France. And, lastly, expect to cough up $649 (16GB) or $749 (32GB) in Canada. As expected, the iPhone is substantially more expensive without a contract attached. "Carriers typically sell the iPhone with a contract that subsidizes the initial purchase price of the phone," reminds Apple on its FAQ page. "By purchasing your iPhone without a contract, you can use any SIM or micro-SIM card from a compatible carrier, including your current one."
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    1. unklbyl's Avatar
      unklbyl -
      Please try to avoid saying what you mean! So nobody screws me over, or does me over would be mre appropriot! Yes, my spling sux, but now let's get back to the subject. How are you gonna smuggle 15 over the border in one shot? Or are you gonna be doing daily or weekly trips for a while? If you purchase for a company, you had better have your tax exemption card and number ready. Just a thought
    1. ramicio's Avatar
      ramicio -
      I wonder if the $650 is Canadian dollars or US dollars. If that was Canadian dollars, that's only $617 USD.
    1. Jarheadzs's Avatar
      Jarheadzs -
      What about Middle East (Egypt) Release date???
      Anticipated Prices???
    1. steaky's Avatar
      steaky -
      Quote Originally Posted by ramicio View Post
      I wonder if the $650 is Canadian dollars or US dollars. If that was Canadian dollars, that's only $617 USD.
      Why would they list the price in Canada in USA dollars? C'mon man.

      There will be taxes on that also. 12% in BC. Someone in Alberta will have a decent little business they could start by shipping phones from there to the USA. Only 5% tax there.
    1. cadsii's Avatar
      cadsii -
      Ok everyone i have people 8 on the list right now that are ready to buy for SURE, the date has been set for the 30th... whoever else wants in let me know here is who i have so far...


      Your cost will be Cost of iPhone + shipping + paypal fee + 50$ for myself to drive out to Toronto(100km away from my house) and send out the same day to you at whatever shipping you want as long as there is a signature

      My rep is pretty good around here and have 100 ebay if you need to double check.

      Also i run the JailbreakMatrix.com which is crawling all over this site as a reference.
    1. Marita's Avatar
      Marita -
    1. bunty4383's Avatar
      bunty4383 -
      Add me too
    1. iwannamod's Avatar
      iwannamod -
      Yup. 2. And goodluck gettin one now cuz their sold out everywhere! They tell u its first come first serve cuz when they get shipments its anywhere from 3-10 per store and they dont know when its comin. Trust me, i'm still hunting and waitin

      Sorry i shouldve quoted on the last reply ;p for those of u claiming at the border keep in mind that ontario has this new ugly tax called the HST. A nice and sweet 13%. so be prepared for empty pockets!
    1. riverratt's Avatar
      riverratt -
      In Canada at least this is a very deceptive claim. If not deceptive it can at least fall into the category of trickery because here in Canada we have always been able to go out and buy a handset unit made by any manufacturing company ie.Motorola, Sony, Nokia and so on. Theres nothing to stop a person from doing this to this day and the carriers aren't going refuse you because they know the same thing that Apple knows and that is, here in Canada at least, once your phone is hooked up with their carrier service they will not release their lock from it ever, they LOCK YOUR PHONE to their service with no intention or laws requiring them to release it even if you no longer wish to subscribe to their service.

      I could go into a long diatribe about how morally, legally, criminally, or even Constitutionally wrong this policy can be construed as but that most likely belongs in a different forum and I would have to be in a different frame of mind so basically I'll sum it up as IN CANADA AN UNLOCKED PHONE IS ONLY UNLOCKED UNTIL IT IS SUBSCRIBED TO A CARRIER. As soon as service begins with that carrier your phone then becomes locked to that carrier.

      That being said, Apple, knowing that this is the policy of Canadian carriers make as well be a Wild West Snake Oil salesman pitching snake oil in the form of unlocked Iphones...

      Well, there I go... I'll stop now.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      ^ I think you might be a bit confused. What you say is not true. An unlocked iPhone can not be locked to a specific carrier.
    1. unklbyl's Avatar
      unklbyl -
      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
      ^ ...An unlocked iPhone can not be locked to a specific carrier.
      I thought that was the point of unlocking. I need to put two chips in my iphone when i work. A Telekom chip for the normal day, and at work, i need vodafone, because there is NO telekom reception in my building.
      I am confused as to how a carrier could "lock"your phone if it is "factory unlocked" i.e. nokia.