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  • SNES HD for iPad Demo : Use Your iPhone As The Controller
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlcigMvkkoU]YouTube - SNES (HD) Demo[/ame]

    I've enjoyed playing SNES on my iPhone but never really felt fully satisfied. The biggest pain was trying to cram all of the controls and the gameplay video into the iPhone's screen. We saw the surfacing of the iControlPad for users who wanted more control. While the iPhone did the job, it wasn't the best in the end. But of course, with the Jailbroken iPad comes all sorts of possibilities. Wherethewoozlewasnt has posted a preview of his new port for the iPad called SNES HD.

    The app is a port from the famous Super Nintendo emulator Snes9x we've all used on our PC's for years and is based on Zodttd's original. What is unique about this app, is the ability to pair it with your iPhone or iPod touch, thus making your iDevice become a wireless controller, using your iPad as the playing screen.

    As you can see in the video, upon launching the app, a request is sent out to the iPhone to be paired for gameplay. This can be done for up to 4 DEVICES! Yes, that's right, 4 players! While not entirely fully tested, wherethewoozlewasnt has posted a link to the source code on his website where you can get your hands on it and test it out.

    The app looks really slick and even shows an Super Nintendo system ready for a game cartridge to be inserted!

    *Note, do not link to roms on here. If your looking for links, check out the video.
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    1. Sabdacrab's Avatar
      Sabdacrab -
      I dribbled 6 litres on saliva when watching that...
    1. Volerikan's Avatar
      Volerikan -
      So how do I download this?
    1. nyboy250's Avatar
      nyboy250 -
      ok thats rly not that cool
    1. thedanks's Avatar
      thedanks -
      thedirtydiddler, what are you an icp fan? i dont get it.
    1. kamaal's Avatar
      kamaal -
      I'm gonna give this a try right now, looks amazing
    1. Crazie's Avatar
      Crazie -
      I just got this and it's pretty sweet, but for some reason when I hit save state nothing happens.. =( Does anyone know why this could be? any help would be appreciated, not worth playing when you get a couple hours into chrono trigger or metroid and you cant save Dx
    1. mobay's Avatar
      mobay -
    1. CrAkD's Avatar
      CrAkD -
      this is by far better then ZodTTDs app. I just wasted $3 on his psx app and no games work. I think all this needs is the option to atleast use a wiimote as well. possibly even the classic controller like zod did on psx.