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  • geohot Shows off blackra!n on iPhone OS 4.0
    Musclenerd recently showed iPhone OS 4.0 jailbroken. While he didn't show any method or speak of one, the shots showed 4.0 busted into.

    Now, geohot just tweeted an image of iPhone OS 4.0 (notice the Game Center icon) with blackra!n and Cydia both there as well.

    Looks like he's got blackra!n already working for 4.0! The jailbreaks are coming fast and furious lately...
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    1. willis0037's Avatar
      willis0037 -
      It could be fake, the app gamecenter could just be a themed app and the reflected dock aswell.
    1. ziggie216's Avatar
      ziggie216 -
      I hope this isnt another teather jb
    1. ro0oney's Avatar
      ro0oney -
      cool u can add, design themes for the ipad!
    1. tc6851's Avatar
      tc6851 -
      as long as they dont release the jailbreak, dont matter how we discuss or talk and talk here. Still, all these are just on paper. OS4 many months to go.....3GS 3.1.3, so far nothg come out yet.......
    1. Mike_7318's Avatar
      Mike_7318 -
      i can't wait for this!!!!!
    1. pyromcr's Avatar
      pyromcr -
      geohot is the best!
    1. jadenyuki678's Avatar
      jadenyuki678 -
      geohot is f#%&ing man
    1. TenKnots's Avatar
      TenKnots -
      when it rains... it really pours... waiting a few months more for the official release of OS 4.0 ...
    1. tc6851's Avatar
      tc6851 -
      Halo jadenyuki.......geohot own u nothg.
    1. azmattaz06's Avatar
      azmattaz06 -
      probably just a 4.0 theme you can get from Cydia..
    1. gafu's Avatar
      gafu -
      ^--- que?
    1. gametorque's Avatar
      gametorque -
      Looks Great! Sadly, this does NOTHING for me!!! Why keep dangeling jailbreaks in front of use saying, "Look what we have and you have nothing!" This is downright disturbing! Watch, next thing we find out, we have to wait till 5.0 comes out or something. This pushing up of releases is like telling a fat kid to wait to eat his cake!
    1. BaabyBee's Avatar
      BaabyBee -
      WOW! cant wait for this!!
    1. purpl3_bug's Avatar
      purpl3_bug -
      Im starting to think that Apple is up to something...

      I say this because right after 3.1.3 was announced that it was jailbroken (im not sure who JB it first), Apple decided to release 3.2 for iPad, thus scaring off GeoHot/Muslenerd/Devteam from releasing the JB for 3.1.3 because it would get patched on 3.2. So what do they do? They say "Lets hold off until 3.2 so they wont patch the exploit from 3.1.3 and we'll use the same exploit to JB 3.2" So as they finally release the iPad with 3.2 and the hackers (Geohot/Musclenerd/Devteam)find an exploit 2 JB it, Apple decides to announce 4.0, which will force the Hackers to hold off on releasing the JB for 3.2 because "it will get patched with 4.0". So now we have to wait for the summer for 4.0 to be released. And now since 4.0 has been JB, whats next? Apple will release a "major update" called 4.1 in January 2010, forcing our fav. hackers to hold off on a JB until they release 4.1?

      Much love to our iphone hackers tho...dont get me wrong, I appreciate all their work. Im just frustrated because my JB iphone which was on 3.1.2 got stuck on the Infinite Boot loop, in which at the time i didnt know how to fix (now i do), which forced me to upgrade to 3.1.3. And as i thought i had my 3.1.2 SHSH files on Cydia, it turned out to be 3.1.3 SHSh's...yeah I was screwed. Oh well, I now must wait for a JB.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      They were never really planning on doing one for the 3.1.3 firmware. They all agreed it was a bait firmware. Apple used it to try and fish out the exploits before the iPad was released but the teams did not bite.

      From what I hear they have different exploits. They plan to use 1 for the 3.2 when the 3G iPad is released and another for 4.0 when it hits.

      The teams are not stupid they know exactly what apple is up to.
    1. coolraghav's Avatar
      coolraghav -
      Good job, tell me one thing

      if there's a jailbreak then does it means there is an unlock automatically ?

      if someone has got the jailbreak then to make a unlock is damm easy right ?
    1. Kroo's Avatar
      Kroo -
      All this talk about jailbreaking 4.0 is pointless. We don't have 3.1.3 yet and 3.2 is around the corner. What's stopping Apple from changing the way the FW is signed or how the new phone hardware is tied to the FW. Less show and more go please.
    1. Salival's Avatar
      Salival -
      Well, I want to know, will Apple relase 3.2 for Iphone?
    1. istinkles's Avatar
      istinkles -
      all this does is make the wait more excruciating. Especially since i just read about enabling native multitasking on 3G. June can't get here fast enough!!!
    1. yamdigger's Avatar
      yamdigger -
      I don't think the iPnone crackers should have announced anything yet on their exploits. They should have waited until allot of people with locked-up phones upgraded to 4.0, and then they should they should release it. By making an announcement now, they're actually giving apple a heads-up that their is a "flaw" in the OS before it's released, thus prompting Apple to try and find out what the exploit is themselves.

      Nevertheless, I'm looking forword to OS 4.0 being released so I can jailbreak my iphone.