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  • [Monster aka Droid] Theme Of The Week - March 8th, 2010

    This week's Theme Of The Week may seem a little cliche, but it's very well done that it deserves some attention for out Theme of The Week. Monster is Google Android based Theme, designed by mrpunk2u, and includes a full set of goodies.

    The Droid pack includes the Galaxy Live Wallpaper, MONSTER LockScreen of the eye, SBSettings Theme, and some widgets as well. An icon template is included so that users may help contribute to the themes pack.

    I know we all love our iPhones and some of us couldn't possibly imagine transforming their iDevice into an Android, but this theme is worth trying out if your looking for something new and polished for your themes.

    You can find this theme on Rock and Cydia on the ModMyi repo. however, stick to the release in the thread below to get the most recent updates.

    Further discussion of this theme and additional icons and elements can be found here. Monster aka Droid Thread
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    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Quote Originally Posted by almyz125 View Post
      just get a real phone, buy a Nexus 1... i dump my iphone agaes ago, lame, at&t sucks, but not as much as the pricks we call apple.
      Wow...you really have nothing better to do then come on an Apple forum and try to slam them down....LOL! I have a Nexus One too...I use it when I want 3G while traveling, but I still LOVE and use my iPhone 90% of the time. You'll be back for the 4G.

      Quote Originally Posted by khiphone3g View Post
      well you don't really need to have an iphone to be on this forum. I had iPhone 3G and 3Gs for short period of time. My purpose of being on almost every smartphone forum is to see what's new because I'm passionated about all smartphones. I played with almost every OS. for a long time, i used nokia symbian. now I have a bold and n1 and my gf has the 3Gs. I'm still waiting to play with the HD2 when tmobile releases it, but i'm not too big with windows mobile, just like that huge a** screen.
      There's a difference between coming on an Apple site to read up and learn info about a product and coming on a site to bash the company and it's product...it's retarded.
    1. GellBrake'rrrr's Avatar
      GellBrake'rrrr -
      Quote from Khiphone3g:
      thanks for correcting. you're so smart

      if you had read the previous posts, you MIGHT understand the humor in it. It wasn't a lesson in grammar.
      Thanks for playing though, we have some lovely door prizes for you.

      steve-z17 Posts: 235
      thanks for clearing that up! I couldn't have put it any better!  cheers
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      nice theme
    1. dont h8 dre's Avatar
      dont h8 dre -
      I love it. Using it now as we speek. Wondering if someone will make icons for some of the APPS
    1. khiphone3g's Avatar
      khiphone3g -
      There's a difference between coming on an Apple site to read up and learn info about a product and coming on a site to bash the company and it's product...it's retarded.

      What is with the crying?
    1. jl1's Avatar
      jl1 -
      what is part 2.gif for
    1. Thatskanyon's Avatar
      Thatskanyon -
      Excellent theme!! The only one I use lol! I also have iAcces to change the skin of the keyboard, to any type of keyboard you want, assuming you downloaded the themes. I have the Android Keyboard. Looks pretty sweet.
    1. rupesh's Avatar
      rupesh -
      hi! m usin' this theme and just wanna ask u all that if u have this problem...after usin' this theme my carrier gets lost for sometime n ihave to reboot it...last time it was dead for an hour...no phone calls n no messages...Does anybody have problems like that???? i like this theme...b4 i had htc theme...ihero...
    1. tmo1113's Avatar
      tmo1113 -
      I downloaded & went thru winterboard looks good so far, but one problem I don't have the galaxy wallpaper do I have to do/install something else. I respringed, any info ?
    1. jl1's Avatar
      jl1 -
      Very Nice! Thank You!
    1. olimurray's Avatar
      olimurray -
      Great theme!

      I made the Galaxy Wallpaper for those of you who would like it:

      and there is an extra set of icons too! for those who would like it: