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  • RockApp Update Brings SSH Security: Another Reason To Use RockApp

    I just noticed an update to the RockApp and after installing, and rebooting, I was prompted by RockApp with a note that told me my SSH Password was still at the default of 'alpine' and that I should change my password immediately. (I just restored recently and had not done this yet)

    After accepting the pop-up, I was able to enter in a new password. I was then informed that the password had been successfully changed.

    Most of you have probably already changed your passwords by now, but if you haven't, this is possibly the easiest way to do so without entering the terminal.

    Not only does this update bring an easy way to change your SSH Password, I believe this is another huge step forward for RockApp and another reason you should use both Cydia AND RockApp. I am starting to use RockApp more and more, and the stability just keeps getting better and better.

    2.15 UPDATES
    • (2.15.3 Update - Bug Fix for Apps with Space in Name)
    • Warning for SSH - mobile/root passwords as default 'alpine'
    • Force Removal option for "stuck" packages
    • RockID Manage View now shows lists of Purchase Apps
    • Added forgot password link
    • Ability to disable MobileSubstrate Extensions via Extension Manager
    • Fix: Removal of sources added via Package
    • Fix: Upgrade/Dependency Installs Fixed
    • Fix: For purchasing apps when can't find catalog
    • Fix: Adding user entered repos sometimes points to wrong repo url
    • Fix: Homepage Tag

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    1. dawgbone's Avatar
      dawgbone -
      I noticed that this jailbreak installs OpenSsh.... And I've tried everything under the sun to connect.... With no luck....

      I got this message with Rock on my IPad and used a password that couldn't do much harm other than someone(rock) messing with my IPad.... Ie...no bank accounts or app store...or anything for that matter...<--- praying that Apples built in encryption is good to go...

      However, I do not and cannot get this feature on my IP4.... And mobile terminal hadn't been updated in years, and crashes instantly on my IP4....

      Why I can't connect with OpenSSH and why Mobile Terminal crashes is beyond me....

      I do like this feature, as it's important to do, especially given the hack used to even jailbreak...

      funny...that a nasty exploit, could actually allow a jailbreak which can actually tighten Apples security....
    1. area51crypto's Avatar
      area51crypto -
      Been using Rock for quite sometime and yes I had to restore the one time they messed up, but they apologize and I accepted!

      I have mentioned this in several post but seems some people want to do the ssh thing in mobile terminal! I have a Mac and PC but I started with PC so it is real hard to understand the OSX and seems to be locked down a lot more but I am trying to leard just hard for me!

      Rock has simplified this procedure for people with little or no experience with OSx!

      Also with Rock all the apps I bought through them took about 30 seconds to transfer to my new Iphone 4 where as I am still waiting for a response from the email that Big Boss told me that I would have to send to Saurik to resolve my apps I bought on my Cydia its been 3 days and nothing!

      I like Rock and will use it more now and also it is a h/// of a lot faster!