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  • QuickWidgets - An Almost Free Alternative to SmartScreen

    UPDATE: The word QuickWidgets might be deceiving. This app is actually a package of QuickBirthday, QuickSMS, QuickCalendar, and QuickBoard. These apps are NOT free. Guess there should be fine print on this one. Sheesh

    After SmartScreen was released only just yesterday, QuickWidgets, although somewhat beta still, has suddenly drawn some attention.

    With the same idea in mind as SmartScreen, QuickWidgets offers various widgets for your lockscreen that you can manage, move, and customize to your hearts desire.

    Not only can you move them around, but if you shake the iPhone, you can quickly move any of them, and even resize the widgets individually, which is something SmartScreen doesn't offer.

    Now your probably wondering, well, what's so great about QuickWidgets. And the simple answer is, I have no idea. SmartScreen only just came out and I expect to see some widgets for it shortly. However, QuickWidgets comes to Cydia as a FREE app. Yup, that's right, free.

    So if you don't feel like forking out the money for SmartScreen, than I recommend you check this out. In order to download this you will need to add the Cydia repository:


    Just a note, QuickWidgets is still beta.

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    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      @bclasen1 Go onto QuickBoard settings and enable QuickCalendar.
    1. bclasen1's Avatar
      bclasen1 -
      I enabled quick calendar and it worked for quite sometime. Suddenly, today, weeks later. Events no matter show up. installed, reinstalled. Quickcalendar is on and set to show events up to 30 days. Nothing is working. Reattained licenses and it still doesnt work. I love quickwidgets but this buggyness is becoming an issue.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      If you have a licence for quick calender have you tried emailing their support?
    1. kwan's Avatar
      kwan -
      It seems like the support from them on this forum has gone away.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      QuickWidgets is just a method of putting the quick items on your homescreen, if you have paid for and have problems with the programs themselves then surely the authors of the programs should be providing support?
    1. Baldilocks's Avatar
      Baldilocks -
      This app isn't even in Cydia anymore.
    1. jimmy-bish's Avatar
      jimmy-bish -
      Quote Originally Posted by Baldilocks View Post
      This app isn't even in Cydia anymore.
      I just went into Cydia and it said Quickwidgets needed updating (probably old, I hadn't loaded Cydia in a little while). Either way, that tells me it's still there.
      You need to have the isoftru.ru/beta repo added.

      It started off so promising, but I'm losing hope of seeing more widgets or even more support. Their last Twitter update was on Dec 4th.
    1. Legalgirl's Avatar
      Legalgirl -
      just installed quickwidgets...any idea if we can delete the two clocks on top...
    1. mejemaka's Avatar
      mejemaka -
      Quote Originally Posted by Legalgirl View Post
      just installed quickwidgets...any idea if we can delete the two clocks on top...
      you gotta go to quickboard icon on the springboard and into the settings. just turn off the toggle for alternate clock.
    1. namrepus_ohm's Avatar
      namrepus_ohm -
      hi everyone! is there a way on how to change the setting of the clock which is in london settings to another settings? thanks!
    1. kingsleeeey's Avatar
      kingsleeeey -
      I have just downloaded quicksms for the beta repo and it installed the other three 'quick' applications. I now am unable to acce my phone, because it says there is a password required to unlock it. I have no idea what this password might be as I have never set one. How do I get around this?