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  • Apple Retail Employees Attempting Unionize?

    On Thursday, a group of Apple Store employees issued a statement to the press announcing their plans to form a union. This announcement comes on the tenth anniversary of the first two Apple retail store locations opening in McLean, Virginia, and Glendale, California.

    The Apple Retail Workers Union made the following statement, “We are launching today to get fellow employees, shoppers, and the world know that we work in one of the most demanding retail environments while suffering through unfair treatment and compensation among many other various issues... We deserve better. Our time has come.”

    The group also launched a website to promote their cause, however, at this time, there is almost no information on the site. It currently contains little more that a slogan that reads, “At Apple, our most important resource, our soul, is our people,” and a contact link. They also made the following statement on Twitter:

    This is hardly the first time a disgruntled employee has criticized the treatment of Apple Store employees. The blog Crapplestore detailed the activities of one such worker. The anonymous blogger would give almost daily accounts of the working conditions in a scathing and very often humorous manner. Unfortunately, the site gained more attention than the blogger wanted and was soon taken down. However, during the time it was still up and running, the blog offered an intriguing peak behind the curtain at Apple.

    It will be very interesting to see how Apple handles this situation in the coming months. Recently, unions have been on the decline in this country. Will Apple follow in the footsteps of Walmart and institute draconian union busting measures to keep employees in check? Hopefully, Apple will be able to come to some kind of reasonable agreement with the retail staff. No one wants to see picketing outside an Apple Store when the next big new thing comes out.

    Source: MacWorld
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    1. Bushybrows's Avatar
      Bushybrows -
      To all u jerkoffs talking bad about unions go jump off a bridge and do us all a favor. These companies feel entitled to treat there employees like dirt. Cost of living is steadily on the rise but wages are steadily shrinking. People have families and obligations! Do u think it is there choice to work for a company that treats them badly. When there are mouths to feed u get up and do what needs to be done. That doesn't give them the right to abuse u. These companies brag and boast about record profits but the working man doesn't deserve his fair share? U call union workers lazy but what about those fatcats sitting back getting filthy rich while they pay someone minimum wage who can barely pay there bills. Unions help us bargain for fair wages, keep us from being in hostile work environments , and basically tries to give the working man or woman some quality of life. Go somewhere and die you self righteous Pricks. Nobody is asking to be given s**t, we work for ours, but it damn sure better be a level playing field. The sad part is that most of the people pushing this load of crap out there claim to be people of God. Really?
    1. lothariorowe's Avatar
      lothariorowe -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bushybrows View Post
      These companies feel entitled to treat there employees like dirt.
      If you don't like how you're treated, then quit.

      Do u think it is there choice to work for a company that treats them badly.
      I think you can trace every one of those people's jobs back to a time when they voluntarily accepted the position. So yes. If they were forced to work there without a choice, then that's illegal and whoever forced them should be in jail.

      When there are mouths to feed u get up and do what needs to be done.
      So stop whining then. Obviously you've made the decision that having that job is more valuable than not having it, so suck it up and appreciate what you have, since you already know you'd be worse off without the job.

      That doesn't give them the right to abuse u.
      Real, physical abuse is illegal. No one can abuse you anywhere - not at work, or on the street, or at home, or on a plane, or at McDonald's, or anywhere else. If you're REALLY being abused, you don't need a union to go to the police. But abuse means you're being harmed against your consent - and that's not the abuse you're talking about is it, because you can voluntarily choose to stop showing up to work at any second of any day you please...

      These companies brag and boast about record profits but the working man doesn't deserve his fair share?
      They can't make these profits without workers, now can they? Workers are not getting their fair share? Then everyone should quit and they'll go out of business. You win. Easy. But that won't happen will it, because there will always be workers who actually do think they're getting their fair share. They don't agree with you. So then, of course you need a union to force them to strike, because they wouldn't do it otherwise. And boy do unions hate these "strike breakers" who will gladly work while the union workers are away. Why? Because you're job isn't worth what you're trying to say it is - economics 101 - supply and demand - where supply and demand meet is where the price/wage is set - if the wage was actually set too low, the labor "supply" would drop below the company's "demand" and production would drop and the company would eventually fail. Simple economics, no unions required But of course people do want unions because they want more money than their job is worth.

      You don't have a right to your job. You don't own your job. The job is not your property. Your job is owned by the company. Your job is the property of the company. The company created your job because you couldn't create your own. The company has graciously offered you this job that they have created because you couldn't create your own. If you don't appreciate this job offer that the company has created for you, then decline it, or quit. But you won't will you? It's because of this job that you have food on the table each night, isn't it. Are you not happy with that, do you want more food on the table? You think you're worth more food then you're being given? Well simple economics 101 can solve this. Go find someone else to feed you, a different employer who has created a job for you because you couldn't create your own, and who is willing to put more food on your table than you're currently getting because you're worth more food. What's that? No one else is willing to give you more food than what you're getting? Then maybe it's time to come to terms with the reality that you are indeed getting paid EXACTLY what you're worth right this very moment. If you were worth more, you wouldn't be there.
    1. MidwestHxC's Avatar
      MidwestHxC -
      Quote Originally Posted by lothariorowe View Post
      Unions wreck economies, destroy voluntary free trade, and are of such a selfish motivation at their core.‏[/ame]
      You say educate when your saying organized labor wrecks economies!?! Organized labor set the standard if living that you work under. Such as the wages you make, the benefits you may have. To involve your employer to have a retirement plan if you have one. To see your family after 8 hours of work and spend time with them. Dude everyone is entitled to your own perception on things but for a movement that has fought and died for me to go to work safe and return home. For some people that fought and died for me to make a standard living were I can live in a house I bought and put food on the table. List goes on. Organized labor built this country and was based on blue collar pieces of **** like me. The greedy is going to destroy it. Welcome to poverty
    1. bonum83's Avatar
      bonum83 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ronfin44 View Post
      How do you associate Unions with Communism? That's just idiotic. I'm a Teamster, and if it wasn't for our Union my company, UPS, would have us singing "Swing low sweet chariot..." while we worked in shackles. We're already over-worked and are losing drivers these days at an incredible rate due to the pace at which the company thinks should be standard. Do I think ALL Unions or union employees are good? Absolutely not. I've seen abuse on both ends, but the good greatly outweighs the bad in my industry.
    1. lothariorowe's Avatar
      lothariorowe -
      Quote Originally Posted by MidwestHxC View Post
      You say educate when your saying organized labor wrecks economies!?!
      Yes that's exactly what I said, and I see you obviously haven't done so. I'm not talking about warm and fuzzy feel-good feelings - I'm talking about actual economics, ya know, free markets, supply and demand, unemployment, production, price setting.

      So yea, educate yourself. Though I know the likelihood of it happening is probably non existent - I dare you to take 50 minutes to listen to this. no, I double dare you. Then come back here and try to say what you just said above.