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  • Apple Reportedly Taps THX Creator for New Audio Ambitions

    It's a hire for Apple straight out of Star Wars - literally. The big buzz around Cupertino is that "sound legend" and venerable cinematic audio innovator Tomlinson Holman has been hired by Apple to help dramatically improve the company's audio-related efforts, particularly with regard to phsyical products like the iDevice line.

    Although Apple hasn't yet confirmed the hire, TWiT Network owner Leo Laporte broke the news by tweeting word of the hire which comes from a "good authority" on the matter. For the time being, Holman is a professor at the University of Southern California, where he has the inescapably cool reputation for being the guy who invented the Lucasfilm's epic THX sound system.

    Also on the resume - and presumably something that hasn't came up in many job interviews around Apple - is that fact that Holman is an Academy Award winner (for technical achievement), an accomplishment that bodes well for anyone hoping that future generation iPhones and iPads will have better sound systems than your nearest IMAX theater.

    While the hire of Holman is likely true given all we've heard thus far, what isn't clear is how Apple plans to tap the talents of a man with more audio engineering experience than virtually anyone else in the entertainment industry, and the holder of countless patents around the world for innovations that literally changed the relationship between entertainment and sound forever.

    Source: CNET
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      Quote Originally Posted by vinaygoel2000 View Post
      Surround sound in iPhone 6?
      That would be most excellent!
    1. Anthony92's Avatar
      Anthony92 -
      I would like to see improvements to the MacBook Pro line aswell.
    1. <(O)> Device's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony92 View Post
      I would like to see improvements to the MacBook Pro line aswell.
      Most definitely agree with ya there. Some better speakers in both the MacBook and MacBook pro lines would be awesome.
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      Quote Originally Posted by GellBrake'rrrr View Post
      I must have been mistaken all along..... I thought that one was a speaker, and the other was a mic.
      U r right
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      TheJailbreakGenius -
      One thing that bothers me about the speakers is that when I go to play a game in landscape, my hand covers the speaker. However, it is possible for me to create an envelope, if you will, with my hand that makes the sound even louder (it is a concave space, so it makes it louder, I don't know why but it does.) only thing is, it can get annoying after a while

      I hope they but the speakers near the front facing camera, cuz it faces me no matter what, just like the camera.
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      Quote Originally Posted by x12_Carnage View Post
      Lol already talking about iPhone 6? :P
      Hahaha, yesh of coursh we ares!

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      Mm they should put this into the iPhone 5 and maybe I'll finally hear two speakers again , some how my 3Gs's mic turned into a speaker and apple didn't take me serious but I had people actually confirm yes at one time it was working through both speaker and mic that mic can be used as a speaker it's not designed that way but can happen.