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  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs Finally Agrees to Authorized Biography

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs has finally agreed to participate in something he has shunned for the length of his storied career. He's participating in a new - but authorized - book about his life, accomplishments, and legacy. The announcement came Sunday evening from publisher Simon & Schuster.

    The authorized biography on Steve Jobs will be released early next year and deliver a previously unheard of level of access to and insight from the man who co-founded the tech empire that is Apple. And, as we understand it, the book will cleverly be titled "iSteve: The Book of Jobs." To be sure, the entire tome won't be penned by Jobs. That responsibility will fall to Walter Isaacson, the best-selling author behind modern classic biographies of the likes of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

    Rumors have swirled for months that Steve Jobs was close to authorizing an official book about his life and a writer to bring the story to life. But last night's announcement is the first official confirmation of the project to date. "This is the perfect match of subject and author, and it is certain to be a landmark book about one of the world's greatest innovators," says Jonathan Karp, publisher of Simon & Schuster. "Just as he did with Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, Walter Isaacson is telling a unique story of revolutionary genius."

    According to the Associated Press, Isaacson has already been working on the biography for two years and has logged hundreds of hours of work, interviewing Steve Jobs, members of the Jobs family, colleagues at Apple and, yes, even competitors and longtime foes.

    Source: Associated Press
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    1. LSZ33's Avatar
      LSZ33 -
      i'm sure it'll be a good read. i'll be looking for it next year
    1. moon#pie's Avatar
      moon#pie -
      It's probably because, unfortunately, he's dying.
    1. robbpell's Avatar
      robbpell -
      Quote Originally Posted by moon#pie View Post
      It's probably because, unfortunately, he's dying.
      This is exactly what I was thinking, how many times in the last few years have we heard about him being majorly sick? in the hospital? or some other health issue going on?
    1. x12_Carnage's Avatar
      x12_Carnage -
      Maybe I'll read it :P
    1. iamkadaj's Avatar
      iamkadaj -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
      I'm gonna jailbreak his book by gluing my pictures over his, and scribbling unauthorized text in the margins.

      and putting "blow" in the title.

    1. Co1d Night's Avatar
      Co1d Night -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sanady361 View Post
      $$$ maker. Didn't Pirates of Silicon Valley do a good enough job as painting him as a theif?

      Actually the movie is based on the truth. Maybe not exactly how things happened but yes, gates did "thieve" jobs software.

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    1. vtech76's Avatar
      vtech76 -
      Yeah lol jailbreak his book good one