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  • Easily Call the Person You're Text Messaging With 'RaiseToCall2'

    Some of you might remember RaiseToCall, a tweak by iOS developer Kaushal Trivedi that would make it so you could raise your iPhone to your face while text messaging to call the person you were text messaging.

    RaiseToCall2 (iOS 7) is now available in Cydia's BigBoss repository with support for iOS 7. Just like the original, you can be text messaging or iMessaging someone in your Messages application, or even in biteSMS, and if you raise the iPhone to your face, you will initiate a phone call with that person.

    The tweak knows when your iPhone is raised to your face by using the device's front-facing proximity sensor. When it detects that the device is close to your face, a phone call is initiated to that contact.

    This doesn't work for FaceTime only phone calls, so this tweak does require the iPhone. There are no options to configure. If you want to give RaiseToCall2 (iOS 7) a try, it's available in Cydia's BigBoss repository for $1.99.

    Name: RaiseToCall2 (iOS 7)
    Price: $1.99
    Version: 2.0
    Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.0.6
    Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.6
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Kaushal Trivedi
    Editor's Rating:  5/5
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    1. godfred212's Avatar
      godfred212 -
      I am disappointed in this developer he or she did not even offer a discount for customers who purchased the previous editions on iOS 6 we were completely ignored.whiles most useful apps and tweaks acknowledged customers with a discuss for upgrade.this is a tweak I can leave without.
    1. Nuff Said's Avatar
      Nuff Said -
      I can see some accidental calls being made if one doesn't lock their device when they put it in their pocket or whenever.
    1. bbongrip's Avatar
      bbongrip -
      What if there's multiple numbers saved for that contact??
    1. buttamix's Avatar
      buttamix -
      thats pretty funny when i have my blu tooth connected to my car it uses the name john smith as an example.