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  • First Locationgate Federal Suit Filed

    Bloomberg is reporting the first Federal Lawsuit has been filed against Apple pertaining to the iSpy/Locationgate/other-generic-name scandal.

    The suit was filed April 22 in Tampa, Florida, at a federal court by Vikram Ajjampur, a Florida based iphone user, and William Devito, a New York based iPad customer. The two men filed suit hoping to have a judge bar the alleged data collection by Apple.

    The complaint is filled with familiar claims regarding location based data collection, that until recently, has occurred unbeknownst to iOS users. The two men wish to represent the U.S. customers whose iOS devices are allegedly collecting their location data. Also, the two men are seeking refunds claiming they would not have purchased the phones if they had known about the data collection.

    “We take issue specifically with the notion that Apple is now basically tracking people everywhere they go,” Aaron Mayer, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said today in a telephone interview with Bloomberg. “If you are a federal marshal you have to have a warrant to do this kind of thing, and Apple is doing it without one.”
    The question still remains though: Who is going to serve Steve Jobs his "notice of suit" legal papers. Or who even gets served those papers? If it is in fact Jobs, how does one go about getting him to confirm his identity before servicing said papers?

    Sources: Bloomberg
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    1. scottjl's Avatar
      scottjl -
      Quote Originally Posted by rkswat View Post
      Glad to see this happening. I really don't like the idea of any kind of information being stored without my knowledge or the ability to "opt out". I know there will be those that say it's no big deal and it's prob not but that's not the point.
      remember that XXX page "user agreement" and "terms of service" you tossed out and clicked through when you bought your iOS device and started up iTunes? you might want to read them next time. you already agreed to anything apple wants.
    1. Mes's Avatar
      Mes -
      Quote Originally Posted by scottjl View Post
      ... you already agreed to anything apple wants.
      Sure did, today, tomorrow, and forever

      BTW: Do you know why they're so long and contain all those legal mumbo-jumbo terms? So no-one will take the time to read, and wouldn't understand even if they did (haha)
    1. <(O)> Device's Avatar
      <(O)> Device -
      Apple is going to send an Elite squadron of super soldiers to take you away at any second :P
    1. taylorjgf21's Avatar
      taylorjgf21 -
      For all those concerned and/or upset: GO WATCH THE NEW SOUTH PARK!!!! It will answer everything.