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  • Recently-teased IntelliScreenX 7 App to Be Released Sunday Evening

    On February 28th, Intelliborn teased IntelliScreenX 7, the next major release of the popular IntelliScreen application for jailbroken iOS devices that, as the name implies, would support iOS 7.

    We have received word from Intelliborn's Mario Ciabarra that the iOS development team plans to release IntelliScreenX 7 to the public sometime this evening (Sunday, March 2nd). It will be a free upgrade for everyone that owns IntelliScreenX already, but if you own an earlier version of IntelliScreenX 5, it will be a $4.99 upgrade. Those that have not yet bought any IntelliScreen product from Intelliborn will pay the full price of $9.99.

    Shown above, you can see IntelliScreenX 7 in action on the iOS 7 Lock Screen. By default, you are shown the first screenshot in the row, which is of your missed notifications, and includes the Weather, time, and a feed of e-mails, Facebook activity, and more. Other pages of IntelliScreenX 7 on the Lock Screen include a page dedicated to e-mail, which lets you read and reply to e-mails, another page dedicated to Twitter, which lets you read and reply to your Twitter timeline, another page dedicated to Facebook, which lets you read and reply to your Facebook news feed, and finally, another page dedicated to RSS, which lets you read news as it comes out from various sources.

    Swiping to the right, as usual, will unlock your iOS device, but if you swipe to the left instead, you will get a menu interface that lets you easily switch between main, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or RSS views on demand (there is also a close button):

    When you're not on your Lock Screen, IntelliScreenX 7 is also available from Notification Center anywhere in iOS. The application adds more tabs to your iOS 7 Notification Center, titled "ISX," "Mail," "Twitter," "FB," "RSS," and "Today" in that specific order. As you can well imagine, the ISX tab is the same as the main page on the Lock Screen, the Mail tab is dedicated to your e-mail, the Twitter tab is dedicated to your Twitter timeline, the FB tab is dedicated to your Facebook news feed, the RSS tab is dedicated to the latest news, and the Today tab is the same as the usual iOS 7 Today tab in Notification Center:

    Just like IntelliScreenX, IntelliScreenX 7 includes a complimentary copy of Messages+, which allows you to quickly compose to and reply to messages (both text messages and iMessages) from anywhere:

    When you receive a text message or iMessage, the banner notification will not go away until you manually dismiss it, and when you tap on a banner notification to answer the text message or iMessage, the whole conversation will pop up in a beautiful iOS 7-esque interface that will close after you've replied.

    You can access Messages+ from more places than just tapping on an incoming notification banner. You can also tap on the Messages+ icon at the bottom left of the IntelliScreenX 7 interface in Notification Center or on the Lock Screen, or you can use an Activator action. Using either of these methods will bring you to a blank message compose sheet so you can begin typing to someone. If you tap and hold on the Messages+ icon, rather than just tapping it, you will be able to compose a new e-mail.

    IntelliScreenX 7 includes a new feature called "Slide," which we briefly touched on in the teaser article. This is one of the main new features of IntelliScreenX 7, and it offers application shortcuts with really fun animations:

    You can bring up the Slide interface with an Activator action of your choice, and then, tapping and dragging on an application icon (dragging it to the right) will launch the application. By default, Slide will show application icons from your App Switcher, but you can also take advantage of an application "White List" feature, which will let you manually configure the applications that appear from Slide.

    Slide can be accessed from either Notification Center, or from the Lock Screen, and you can choose whether or not it can show on the Lock Screen. The White List feature is handy for those that have passcodes and don't want certain applications to be accessed from the Lock Screen.

    You can configure an Activator action to assign to Slide (as well as Messages+), from the Activator preferences pane:

    IntelliScreenX 7 adds a preferences pane to the Settings application where you can configure the application to meet your needs:

    You will be able to hide or show individual pages of IntelliScreenX 7, such as the Notification Center page, Mail page, Twitter page, Facebook page, and RSS reader page. You can also enable or disable IntelliScreenX 7 from the Lock Screen, configure a manual Lock Screen dim time, choose a refresh rate (higher refresh rate eats more battery life), and pick between having a Lock Screen blur or a Lock Screen tint effect. You can also configure slide so that it is enabled or disabled on the Lock Screen, and you can configure your White-listed applications.

    You will also find a small preferences pane for Messages+ that allows you to enable or disable its functionality on demand, as well as hide or show it from the Lock Screen, and enable or disable having to dismiss text message and iMessage banner notifications manually:

    Like stated earlier, this application is expected to go live some time Sunday evening. No exact time has been given.

    It should be noted that IntelliScreenX 7 is still in beta, but it's reasonably stable at this point in time. The features that still have to be fixed are quite minor and have to do with minor user interface glitches, and they aren't so serious that they'll cause your device to crash often. Some of the features that need to be worked on include:

    No Landscape Slide support
    No Landscape Messages+ Support
    Weather landscape has issues
    No iPad support (runs but not pretty)
    Remember selection of hidden on lock screen
    Weather layout needs to be tweaked based on location name size
    Mail in the IntelliScreenX 7 Notification Center page has issues when marking read/deleting/etc. Should be fixed early next week.
    Slide icon rearranging needs to- pivot around the divider
    Scroll behind text for section headers needs adjusting
    Collapsible Sections
    Mail Replies should use HTML
    Sometimes compose button is misplaced to top
    Messages+ does not support URL launches yet
    Messages+ from balloons are square
    We're very excited about this release. IntelliScreenX 7 is a huge release that many have been looking forward to because of all the features that the application gives you from one glance. Will you be grabbing it when it comes out?

    Name: IntelliScreenX 7
    Price: $9.99 (Free upgrade for IntelliScreenX users, $4.99 upgrade for IntelliScreen users)
    Version: 7.00.20
    Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.0.6
    Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.6
    Repo: ModMyi (soon)
    Developer: Intelliborn
    Editor's Rating:  5/5
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Recently-teased IntelliScreenX 7 App to Be Released Sunday Evening started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. c1972798's Avatar
      c1972798 -
      Thank you for having it a free upgrade for IX users. Was not at all interested in buying this a 3rd time.

      Well... it crashes everytime it resprings.
      I'm guessing this clashes with all the other tweaks I already have installed.
      Have to remove them and see what happens.
    1. ggab's Avatar
      ggab -
      Still no HTML support from the lockscreen. Obviously buggy which is understandable. Can't wait for LockInfo...it's always been better.
    1. alfox's Avatar
      alfox -
      Wow using it right now and looks cool for me....
    1. wes44's Avatar
      wes44 -
      No problems here on my 5s or 4s-remember its on beta- missing what intelliscreenx had on previous ios - hope it only gets better-missing a lot of functionality
    1. iYeow's Avatar
      iYeow -
      Thank you for this free upgrade, i have been a supporting intelliscreenX customer since Intelliborn.
    1. slim.jim's Avatar
      slim.jim -
      Needs more options for hiding stuff on the lock screen unless I am just missing it.
    1. wes44's Avatar
      wes44 -
      Quote Originally Posted by slim.jim View Post
      Needs more options for hiding stuff on the lock screen unless I am just missing it.
      Totally agree -miss hiding stuff like it had in ios 5 and 6-hate that clock and needs more options -but it's beta just hope it improves more with a lot more options
    1. nityanandachandra's Avatar
      nityanandachandra -
      no issues here. After 2 days trial is over. I don't think I am going to wait for LockInfo anymore.
    1. alfox's Avatar
      alfox -
      Tried making FB post with picture and post made but without picture.hope this will be fixed in next update.tnx