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  • Apple Products May Soon Be Manufactured in Brazil

    With Apple’s ever expanding array of consumer products, rumors are circulating that Foxconn may be preparing to open a new manufacturing plant in Brazil to keep up with demand for Apple products. According to a study cited by the Secretary for Economic Development of Jundiai during a recent ceremony, the plant is expected to be located in Jundiai, a city in São Paulo, Brazil. Foxconn already has plants in Jundiai manufacturing products for HP and Sony. Expanding this operation to include new plants to produce Apple products, does make sense, however.

    Foxconn currently does all of its Apple manufacturing at its plants in China. It's unclear why Foxconn would want to move some of its Apple manufacturing to Brazil. When Foxconn was recently questioned about this, they would neither confirm nor deny this rumor.

    Foxconn isn’t the only company who would like to see Apple manufacture products in São Paulo, as Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista has stated that he's willing to pay $1.6 billion to build a plant in his country. Because Foxconn already has manufacturing plants in Brazil, they may simply want to diversify their manufacturing operations.

    With natural disasters seemingly on the rise, manufacturing a majority of products at one location may not be a wise business strategy anymore. Building products in more than one location ensures that there will always be a steady supply of products available, no matter what situations may arise globally. Hopefully, if this rumor is true, it will allow Apple to lower its prices.

    Source: Mac Magazine
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      Lol, learn. My mistake.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Gr0undBreak1ng View Post
      Lol, learn. My mistake.
      NO! Never admit to making a mistake! People who have Apple products are perfect, no way we'll end up in he'll...

      You know, I've tried to get the spell-checker on this iPhone to learn Hell forever! I don't think it's a curse-word, but it refuses to stop making it he'll.
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      Lol same WHAT THE HE'LL lol
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      Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good place to have Foxconn building Apple products. I would love to see, "Assembled in Brazil" on my iPhone 5, especially since I'm Brazilian
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      Most people do not realize that because cost of shipping now, and because Brazil is not all that far away from southern part of U.S. Products gets to us faster cheaper which would more than make up the labor cost difference between what they are paying now in China and Brazilian labor cost.