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  • Sony Granted Permission to Subpoena Log of IP Addresses That Visited Geohot's Website

    The saga of Geohot continues. This week Federal Magistrate Joseph Spero officially authorized Sony to subpoena Geohot's web provider to secure the official log of IP addresses that visited GeoHot.com between January 2009 and today.

    The reason given for the controversial decision to give Sony access to the log is that the data will provide an accurate picture of the extent to which the defendant distributed jailbreak files. Additionally, the information will help determine whether Sony should sue George "Geohot" Hotz in New Jersey or San Francisco. NJ is Geohot's home state, but Sony contends that San Francisco is where the files were most downloaded.

    Compounding the situation further is the reference in court documents to Sony's desire to similarly obtain any and all tweets that Geohot released with regard to his PS3 hack. Sony also wants user information on the individuals that posted comments on Geohot's blog as well those who viewed his video on YouTube, which demonstrated jailbreak tools in use.

    At this time, it doesn't appear that Sony is aiming to cast a wide net and seek legal action against everyone who used Geohot's jailbreak. Rather, Sony is arguing that it simply wants to know how far and how deep the "damage" goes. Of course, this is merely what Sony is saying at the moment. Ultimately, it isn't known just how many people could be targeted by the consumer electronics giant in their ongoing quest to scare the living daylights out of jailbreakers everywhere.

    Source: CNET
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    1. krosis's Avatar
      krosis -
      There's a whole lot of rabble rabble in this thread, so I figured I'd post a few bits of info for those that aren't quite clear on the matter.
      • This case is NOT about jailbreaking. It's about releasing the private signing keys to Sony's copyright protection system, which is illegal as defined by the DMCA.
      • If someone in the US publicly released Apple's or Microsoft's private signing key for iOS or Xbox / Windows software, I guarantee you they would release all kinds of unholy hell upon them delivered by lawyers.
      • While the key can be used to legitimately assist jailbreaking, it has much wider implications and uses in software piracy, which is what drew Sony's attention as it fundamentally shatters their system.
      • Geohot could have acted much more responsibly than he did, and used the information to help create or sign a jailbreak. Instead he released it publicly to everyone. This harms his argument that he didn't have malicious intention, as he full well knew this would permanently compromise their copyright protection system, even if that wasn't his primary intention.

      Regarding the actual subpoena's mentioned in this thread,
      • Sony is requesting these subpoena's to help establish their case for California jurisdiction
      • Unless you downloaded the hack, or posted a comment on geohot's youtube/blog, your information should not be part of any subpoena
      • The terms of the subpoenas have already been narrowed from their original scope, limiting it only to information that could pertain to the California jurisdiction issue
      • The modified subpoenas are for "attorney's eyes only", the highest standard level of confidentiality for court documents. I'm not a lawyer, so I don't understand the full extent of that classification, but it seems designed mainly for information to be kept confidential FROM the client. So in theory the information being requested is not being made available to Sony themselves.

      Before anyone accuses me of being a Sony fanboy..
      • The only Sony products I've purchased in the last 5-10 years were a discman and a couple cheap DVD-writers (I like how Sony's optiarc DVD burners have a plain black face without a bunch of random logos).
      • I fully support ownership of things purchased, and a right to do whatever you want with them
      • I'm a long standing opponent of the DMCA and software patents
      • I think the idea of making it 'illegal' to decrypt something violates a fundamental human right to think and solve problems
      • I used to have a DeCSS T-shirt with the full source code
      • I'm a long time security professional, and I appreciate how much Sony's PS3 environment relied on that information being kept as a trade secret

      Before you assume that Sony is any worse than any of these other companies, realize that this event happened to Sony, that's why they're the ones involved in it.
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      Umm it's just a joke that Sonys going after you if you read the article you would know their seeing what users are on geohots sites
    1. djdelite's Avatar
      djdelite -
      Sony will be the new Metallica... an maybe change the game like napster did... This is bad business for them but may turn into a profit.. Think about how napster charged an other places followed suit like Apple I tunes 99cent downloads...Think if they could get u to pay for the hacks in a legal sense then they could possible see a chunk of change for all the fun features that one doesn't have in a jailbreak phone... jus my thought
    1. iAppleHack's Avatar
      iAppleHack -
      Go too: http://AntiSonyPledge.blogspot.com/

      And leave a comment and/or pledge too boycott Sony. If I can get enough comment and/or pledges I am going email them too Sony and show them that we won't put up with there childish antics. It might not be much but it will show them the consumer is NOT happy. Thanks

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    1. Trypt4mine's Avatar
      Trypt4mine -
      Quote Originally Posted by dabisnit View Post
      Hope Sony don't come after iPhone jailbreakers. That would not be fun

      STUNNED!! hahahaha