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  • Sony Granted Permission to Subpoena Log of IP Addresses That Visited Geohot's Website

    The saga of Geohot continues. This week Federal Magistrate Joseph Spero officially authorized Sony to subpoena Geohot's web provider to secure the official log of IP addresses that visited GeoHot.com between January 2009 and today.

    The reason given for the controversial decision to give Sony access to the log is that the data will provide an accurate picture of the extent to which the defendant distributed jailbreak files. Additionally, the information will help determine whether Sony should sue George "Geohot" Hotz in New Jersey or San Francisco. NJ is Geohot's home state, but Sony contends that San Francisco is where the files were most downloaded.

    Compounding the situation further is the reference in court documents to Sony's desire to similarly obtain any and all tweets that Geohot released with regard to his PS3 hack. Sony also wants user information on the individuals that posted comments on Geohot's blog as well those who viewed his video on YouTube, which demonstrated jailbreak tools in use.

    At this time, it doesn't appear that Sony is aiming to cast a wide net and seek legal action against everyone who used Geohot's jailbreak. Rather, Sony is arguing that it simply wants to know how far and how deep the "damage" goes. Of course, this is merely what Sony is saying at the moment. Ultimately, it isn't known just how many people could be targeted by the consumer electronics giant in their ongoing quest to scare the living daylights out of jailbreakers everywhere.

    Source: CNET
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    1. Melloout's Avatar
      Melloout -
      Dose anyone see this implication! Sony is going after your privacy. Everyone who visited his site and all people who clicked on his youtube video. F@#K that, I dare sony to come after me. I see this getting Huge! Sony has no idea how huge this suit is about to get.
    1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
      feidhlim1986 -
      Good luck Sony, my IP address has changed probably a half dozen times since I visited his blog at the time of this fiasco. So has many others.
      So if the IP that was logged when I visited has been reissued to another customer of my ISP, will Sony try sue a complete innocent randomer?
    1. piston597's Avatar
      piston597 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mr117 View Post
      Right- I hope Sony doesn't come after me for jailbreaking my iPhones (legally). Actually, I don't think I have anything made by Sony in the house- stopped buying the brand after my last Sony TV died at 3 years of age. Oh, wait, I still have an old DVD player that I don't use in my garage (BD all the way now). Hope they don't come after me for that!!!!

      Part of the problem is that not many people who hacked their Sony boxes did it to change the gui. They had other things in mind (don't flame me!!!). Phones are a different story. My gui is totally hacked, but every app on it is legit. My Wii is stock, I couldn't see any reason to hack it (well, I could, but I'm not gonna). Sony is trying to protect its investment, even if it is acting like a bully. You can't bring your own popcorn into the movie theater because the theater makes its money selling popcorn (the movie is a loss leader). Video game consoles are the same. It's all about the games. I hope Sony calms down, but the reality is that, if it doesn't sell its games, it goes broke in the gaming area.
      I'm sure you have some Sony movies or music in your home...

      Sony = Biggest douchebags ever... no wonder xbox 360 > ps3... sony too busy making it hack proof they forget to make sure it gets good games...
    1. Melloout's Avatar
      Melloout -
      Quote Originally Posted by feidhlim1986 View Post
      Good luck Sony, my IP address has changed probably a half dozen times since I visited his blog at the time of this fiasco. So has many others.
      So if the IP that was logged when I visited has been reissued to another customer of my ISP, will Sony try sue a complete innocent randomer?
      For Sure!
    1. drjailbreakMD's Avatar
      drjailbreakMD -
      This makes me want to throw my PS3 against the wall (or donate it to someone who doesnt know better) Sony can kick rocks!!!
    1. senas8's Avatar
      senas8 -
      Alin Almasan Kent, WA .. U can find the rest.. Fook u sony! Im going to take a crap in this ps3 and send it back to sony for repair. Im done with them. It's more of their stupid attitude/ignorance/abovethelaw that I'm pissed.
    1. alexevo's Avatar
      alexevo -
      haha and everyone calls me paranoid for ALWAYS using a proxy/spoofer whenever I visit sites that are a little closer to the gray area than others. F you sony you can take my IP address and stick it up your dirty arse! hahaha

      and to think I was this close to buying a brand new T100 digital camera to replace my current one. I guess I'll be going to panasonic/samsung/jvc/nikon/canon/etc. instead...but not sony. sayNOny!
    1. slap690's Avatar
      slap690 -
      Quote Originally Posted by infin View Post
      man this is worse than the guy that had the stolen iphone 4
    1. reddawg's Avatar
      reddawg -
      Quote Originally Posted by thetoothfairy View Post
      I am not usually like this but no more Sony products or items in my house! This is completely uncalled for....
      I'm in full agreement. No more sony products.
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Makes me want to JB my ps3 with a hammer! Sad sad news Sony. You will hurt through your weakening sales once people hear this and you make your move! Your tv's are over priced, music lable is failing, and computers.... Well THEY SUCK!

      IP search this ooIoo! Mongols
    1. dhuDz04's Avatar
      dhuDz04 -
      SONY will lose this drama... They can't sue everybody... GeoHot wins.... I tell you, jb community will win this war
    1. WaLLy3K's Avatar
      WaLLy3K -
      It'd be depressingly amusing to see this happen:

      iPhone JB'ers have their IP logged
      A person with a JB'd iPhone with logged IP logs in with their PS3
      PS3 gets banned based off IP

      Oh boy, Sony'd be up for a shitstorm if they were that mindbendingly retarded.
    1. boycottSony's Avatar
      boycottSony -
      Spread the word! Boycott Sony!
      This is in our hands
    1. senas8's Avatar
      senas8 -
      Why doesn't the court just give them the constitution while their at it! Fook!
    1. santacruzlocal's Avatar
      santacruzlocal -
      Let them show up at my door, I'll point them to my PS3 ... and then uncover the trespassers will be shot sign !!! I think a bean bag round to start will do the trick
    1. krosis's Avatar
      krosis -
      I'm generally someone who's not a fan of the ridiculous level of e-discovery going on in the US these days, but if you read SCEA's request (it's only 6 pages and mostly plain-speak, skip to page 3), it sounds like the subpoena's scope was already narrowed (which they say invalidates the EFF's amicus brief), and agreed upon by both sides attorneys.

      For the ISP they want logs of who downloaded the hack (oops guess I'm going to be in a famous subpoena!).

      From Twitter, they want a record of his tweets. They also mention wanting to know if the people he directed his tweets at resided in California, but they don't mention wanting information other than his tweets.

      From Google, they want info about his blogspot account and who posted comments.

      From YouTube, they want info about who currently has access to, or has commented on a video showing how to do some ps3 hacking stuff.

      From the judge's perspective, in the context of the jurisdiction dispute, it doesn't seem unreasonable to allow the modified subpoenas.
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Man I'm sure this will come back and bite them in the you know what..。

      Look at all the people your pissing off Sony.

      Ohh and essany very descent article thanks for the news
    1. krosis's Avatar
      krosis -
      Oh, and the modified subpoenas also restrict confidential information to "attorneys' eyes only", so even Sony won't have access to it all.
    1. Rob2G's Avatar
      Rob2G -
      I have distributed Grafs HV Bible 15000+ times I'm hosting on my server. Sony needs to get knocked on it's *** to learn it's lesson. If anybody's wants the HV bible files PM me and I'll send you my link. If you download it please upload it to megaupload/hotfile etc. And don't use my rar to upload please open the file and open f*** Sony.txt and add your self to the petition re-compress it and upload it.
    1. iSteed's Avatar
      iSteed -
      This whole thing is ridiculous! If he didn't pirate software and redistribute for a profit then he didn't any thing wrong. If I had A POS playstation then I can do whatever I want with it. what a bunch of focking communists!!!!.... Fock sony!!!!