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  • Samsung to Mirror Apple's Move Offering a Metal and Plastic Version of the Galaxy

    The next flagship smartphone from Samsung will reportedly be offered in two versions, a metal-clad premium edition and a cheaper model sporting a plastic case. Sound familiar? It probably does as Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C offerings were introduced and sold in a similar fashion.

    The news comes just one week after Samsung mobile executive Lee Young Hee said that the company would be going “back to the basics” when it comes to industrial design of their device in an effort to excited customers that Samsung believes were disappointed with the similarities between the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. The information trickled down from the normally reliable Samsung watchers, SamMobile.

    If the information turns out to be true, the move would mirror Apple’s decision to drop its longstanding practice of discounting the previous year’s model in favor of a new, bifurcated lineup. With the introduction of the iPhone 5S, Apple discontinued the iPhone 5 in favor of an all-new iPhone 5C featuring a polycarbonate shell in a variety of colors.
    Samsung seems to also be considering adding biometric authentication capabilities to the handset in order to help counter Apple’s popular TouchID feature. Lee mentioned that “many people are fanatical about iris recognition technology” and that Samsung was “studying the possibility” of including it in the Galaxy S5.

    As far as the pricing goes, the premium version is expected to retail for €800 ($1,093) while the plastic-backed variant should fetch €650 ($889) when the devices are unveiled this spring, In comparison, Apple’s iPhone 5S starts at €699 ($955) for a model with 16 gigabytes of memory and the iPhone 5c comes in at €599 ($819) for the same configuration.

    We’ll have to see what move Samsung makes and how it compares to Apple’s offerings.

    Source: SamMobile
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    1. sirbebe's Avatar
      sirbebe -
      Samsung has always been plastic when and where was there any quality..
    1. yatezy's Avatar
      yatezy -
      This has been rumoured for a while. Apparently there will be the S range which will be plastic and the new F range which will be with higher quality materials.

      People calling it copying is beyond ridiculous. If they are copying anyone it will be other Android OEMs that have started using higher grade materials on their phones in the last year. And unlike apple, if the rumours are to be believed the internals of both phones will be identical.

      As apposed to repacking the previous generation in a worse casing.
    1. kalpesh78's Avatar
      kalpesh78 -
      The metal body galaxy would be priced nearly as expensive as the 5S I'm guessing.