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  • 'UnlockSound7' Brings the Lock Screen Unlock Sound Back to iOS 7

    Shh... what's that noise? *crickets*

    The iOS 7 lock screen is a lot quieter than it used to be in previous versions of iOS. Apple appears to have done away with unlock sounds that play when you unlock your iOS device, although for some reason, they kept the lock sound that plays when you lock your device.

    If you want to bring the unlock sound back to the iOS 7 lock screen, you will find a new free jailbreak tweak in Cydia called UnlockSound7 by iOS developer merdok.

    After you install the tweak, and you have "Lock Sounds" enabled in your Sounds settings, you will hear the unlock sound that we have all heard before on previous versions of iOS when you go to unlock your device via the lock screen.

    UnlockSound7 also adds a preferences pane to the Settings application where you can configure a few additional options:

    Here, you will be able to enable or disable the tweak on demand. You'll also find a way to either use the classic iOS unlock sound, or use a custom sound of your choice. If you want to use a custom sound, you'll have to have a short .caf file named "unlock.caf", and you'll need to place it under /var/mobile/unlock.caf.

    You'll also find yourself with a custom volume slider, which will allow you to override the device's volume level for a custom unlock sound volume. You can enable or disable the custom volume, depending on how you're feeling about using it.

    UnlockSound7 is a great way to bring back some life to the iOS 7 lock screen, and it's even cooler that it lets you have a custom unlock sound at that. Not to mention, you can't beat the free price tag. If you want to give the tweak a try, it's available for free in Cydia's BigBoss repository.

    Name: UnlockSound7
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.9.0-21
    Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.0.4
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: merdok
    Editor's Rating:  5/5
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    1. slim.jim's Avatar
      slim.jim -
      It was so loud compared to the lock sound when I tried it the other day.
    1. 1jono's Avatar
      1jono -
      Quote Originally Posted by slim.jim View Post
      It was so loud compared to the lock sound when I tried it the other day.
      Same here.What ever combination of the settings you use its either too loud or too quiet.
      Hopefully it will be updated with a fix.
    1. AlinBoy's Avatar
      AlinBoy -
      Same here iphone 5c ios 7.0.4
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      I don't miss that sound at all.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Works fine for me. I want a custom sound...gonna try to create one tonight.
    1. Breezy215's Avatar
      Breezy215 -
      I have so many custom unlock/lock sounds I created from previous jailbreaks... lol time to dust them off!
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      I just started customizing system sounds and while the unlock.caf was always there it never played. Made me think something was wrong with my phone. Can't believe he had to mod a dylib to get this work, dang.

      Thank you!