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  • 'Cloaky' Lets You Hide or Show Items in iOS That You May or May Not Use

    Looking at all the features of iOS, there are probably numerous features that you do use and numerous features that you don't use. Not everyone has a Twitter or Facebook, and therefore the sharing buttons to these social networking sites that are embedded in several of iOS' user interfaces aren't very useful. We know what carrier we are using on our iPhones, so it's not really useful having the carrier name in the Status Bar. These are just two examples of features in iOS that not everyone has a use for, and now there's a way to disable the unused features.

    With a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Cloaky by iOS developer r_plus, you can now hide or show features in iOS on demand so that if you don't use them, you don't have to have them cluttering up your operating system. The tweak adds a preferences pane to the Settings application, shown below, where you can configure items that show in the action button menus, Control Center, copy and paste menus, and the Status Bar:

    The Activity cell lets you configure what will be shown or hidden in the action button menus:

    With these settings, you can enable or disable your configurations in individual applications, and then choose the individual items that you want to be hidden or shown in the action button menus in applications. For example, you can hide some of the social networking buttons that you don't use from the Photos application if you know that you're not going to use them:

    From the Control Center cell, you can configure the different toggles and shortcuts that will be shown or hidden in Control Center:

    As an example, your newly-configured Control Center might look something like this:

    From the Menu cell in the Cloaky preferences pane, you can enable or disable the menu in certain applications, and configure the items that appear in your copy and paste menu:

    If you don't use certain features of the copy and paste menu, it's easy to remove those features via the preferences pane with the flick of a switch:

    Finally, the Status Bar cell in the tweak's preferences pane allows you to hide and show individual items in the Status Bar, and you can even set your own time format for the Status Bar and choose the time update interval:

    Below we have an example of the Status Bar after being modified with some of the tweak's options:

    Cloaky offers a high amount of customization for many interfaces in iOS, and the tweak is compatible with iOS 4-iOS 7. Changes that you make to the tweak's options will be applicable to both built-in iOS applications, and third-party iOS applications that you download from the App Store. If you want to give the tweak a try, it's available in Cydia's BigBoss repository for $1.00.

    Name: Cloaky
    Price: $1.00
    Version: 1.2-3
    Requirements: iOS 4-7.0.4
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: r_plus
    Editor's Rating:  4/5
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    1. Ryaninfg's Avatar
      Ryaninfg -
      Debating whether to hold out for springtomize 3 or purchase this...
    1. slim.jim's Avatar
      slim.jim -
      I like CChide for hiding control center items because it hides the media controls only when there isn't something playing.
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ryaninfg View Post
      Debating whether to hold out for springtomize 3 or purchase this...
      I'm def waiting for springtomize 3
    1. jamesgunaca's Avatar
      jamesgunaca -
      Says $1.50 in Cydia...
    1. 8lias's Avatar
      8lias -
      Anyone know which one to hide the 4G/LTE? I tried Service hide but didn't work. Thanks