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  • New MacBook Pros Arriving February 24th?

    If you’ve been saving your pennies waiting to buy a shinny new MacBook Pro, you might want to wait until next week to get one. According to the latest reports, new MacBook Pro’s will be released on Thursday, February 24. Many retailers have seen their stock of MacBook Pros dwindle of late and many international Apple Stores online, such as the one in Australia, now list some MacBook Pro’s shipping times to be as long as 2-4 business days instead of the usual 24 hours.

    New part numbers are now circulating that are thought to be for the new MacBook Pros arriving next week. The new models are listed as MC720, MC721, MC723, MC724, and MC725. Apple currently offers six standard configurations, two for the 13-inch model, three for the 15-inch model and one for the 17-inch model. Apple may simply be streamlining the number of models down a more reasonable size, as customers who require specific configurations have the option of customizing their machines before checking out.

    The MacBook Pro line was last updated about a year ago and is due for a refresh. The new MacBook Pros are expected to ship with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors, which should offer a much needed speed boost. The new models are also expected to have a redesigned case that resembles latest MacBook Air and should be thinner, lighter and have longer lasting batteries. Solid-state drives may also be standard on these new machines as well. When Thursday rolls around next week, we’ll know for sure just how accurate the rumors have been. Check back next week for complete coverage.

    Source: MacRumors
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    1. Aumz's Avatar
      Aumz -
      if they looking at SSD what is max capacity on an entry level
    1. 97vrsix's Avatar
      97vrsix -
      I see people saying they are gonna use the school discount! That's all fine and dandy, but don't hold out on a referbed model! They r just as good as new, and are at a lower discount! Even the high up people at apple suggest! U can't combined any discount, one or other!

      I highly suggest to check out the referbs!

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    1. LSZ33's Avatar
      LSZ33 -
      Hopefully, they add the SSD cards and improve the GPUs.
    1. wirehedd's Avatar
      wirehedd -
      If prices are lower I'll be ordering a 17" MBP the day they are released here. Need a desktop replacement and this should be up to the task if they are close to what they should be.
    1. nicrfe's Avatar
      nicrfe -
      Whoo yaaaay
    1. EskimoRuler's Avatar
      EskimoRuler -
      Quote Originally Posted by Aumz View Post
      if they looking at SSD what is max capacity on an entry level
      That's what I'm wondering, it also sounds like it could be and upgrade option because I doubt at this time they could get the same amount of storage with the same price.