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  • P0sixspwn iOS 6.1.3-iOS 6.1.5 Untethered Jailbreak Released to the Public

    The wait for the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3, iOS 6.1.4, and iOS 6.1.5 on all devices is over. On Monday, iOS hackers iH8sn0w and Winocm released their p0sixspwn jailbreak tool for Mac OS X; a Windows version is coming soon. P0sixspwn will jailbreak all of the devices that run the previously-mentioned iOS 6 firmwares, but will not jailbreak any variation of iOS 7. If you're looking to jailbreak your iOS 7.0-iOS 7.0.4 device, you will want to use evasi0n7.

    P0sixspwn gives you a pretty simple interface:

    Those that used redsn0w or sn0wbreeze to jailbreak their iOS 6 device tethered, and then installed the p0sixpwn Cydia package to untether their tethered jailbreak on their A4 device or iPhone 3GS won't have to re-run this tool. Those with A5 devices or later will want to run this tool to achieve an untethered jailbreak, but it will also work with an A4 device or iPhone 3GS that hasn't been jailbroken yet.

    With p0sixspwn released, users can now choose to either stay on iOS 6 or upgrade to iOS 7, and have a jailbreak in either instance. So if you're not ready to face the music and upgrade to the iOS 7 interface, the good news is you can be on the latest version of iOS 6 and still have all your goodies.

    You can grab the p0sixpwn jailbreak tool from the download links below:

    Sources: p0sixspwn
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    1. thumper_net's Avatar
      thumper_net -
      Why downgrade ios 7 just jailbreak it and install the ios 6 icons package . Then jony"s kids icons are gone and you still get the few plus points of ios 7
    1. Baitcaster's Avatar
      Baitcaster -
      Because its not JUST the icons. It's the entire look and feel. From the os to apps. Flat, bland, and utterly boring. You'd need a theme to auto skin every part of the os AND apps to get it looking like ios6.x.
    1. dubwise's Avatar
      dubwise -
      no longer on mega