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  • iOS Hackers iH8sn0w and Winocm Tease Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4, & 6.1.5

    While the evad3rs are working on a jailbreak for iOS 7, other hackers are putting their energy towards older versions of iOS; specifically, iOS 6.1.3, iOS 6.1.4, and iOS 6.1.5.

    On Sunday, iOS hackers iH8sn0w and Winocm teased a running untethered jailbreak on an iPod touch 5g running iOS 6.1.3. iH8sn0w notes that the jailbreak will run on any device (except the Apple TV 3) running iOS 6.1.3 up to iOS 6.1.5, including A5 and later devices.

    You can watch the demonstration video of the jailbreak below:

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the video link below:

    YouTube Video

    There is no ETA for this jailbreak at this point in time, but back in October, Winocm seemed pretty confident that the jailbreak would be released before 2014. Winocm kindly asks that those following the progress of the jailbreak refrain from constantly asking about ETA updates, as the jailbreak will simply be done when it's done, and no sooner.

    News on this jailbreak is sure to perk the ears of those that accidentally updated from iOS 6.1.2 and earlier and have been without a jailbreak for a while. It will also prove useful to those that are avoiding iOS 7 due to the major changes in the user interface of Apple's flagship mobile operating system, which appear to be disliked by a major portion of the iOS user base.

    Sources: iH8sn0w
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      Quote Originally Posted by camxposure View Post
      hahaha - I knew they'd come out with it no sooner than I try to upset everyone- hahaha
      nice save
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      Quick question for the community

      Is ATV3 dead in the water when it comes to a jailbreak?
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      Quote Originally Posted by ravelsnip View Post
      i know people find it hard to admit to what you have wrote, but i agree this is going to be the FACT for sure..i mean evaders, are just playing prank, they do not want to release the JB ever! they have been paid for it. Albeit its more than 3 months now ios7 has come out and still no jailbreak?? ru kidding me?
      badly missing #GEOHOT! in the scene.
      I'm reading rumors GeoHot is the one selling JailBreak

      "@iH8sn0w: 6.1.3 + 6.1.5 3GS/A4 untether Cydia package is live! http://t.co/KfNUtxpKUN (Thanks to @saurik for hosting!)"