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  • Chronic Dev Team Releases greenpois0n, Untethered Jailbreak for 4.2.1

    The jailbreak community is buzzing and rejoicing tonight as the culmination of weeks of waiting is finally here. Earlier this evening, the Chronic Dev Team released the latest version of greenpois0n. What we have here is a nifty little conduit to free your iDevice running 4.2.1.

    Although MMi will have more insight and coverage of the release of the hours to come, in a nutshell, what we have with greenpois0n is a program that enables you to perform an untethered jailbreak. You can simply reboot without any cumbersome need to re-jailbreak. So far, however, we understand that it's only available for Mac.

    It should also be noted that caution should be exercised in rushing toward greenpois0n, as the build is believed to have been hurriedly put together. Consequently, there's only a small number of people who can presently report back on their experience with the release. So, by all accounts, please stay tuned.

    To go get the Greenpois0n untethered 4.2.1 jailbreak, click here.

    Edit Poseidon: For anyone who gets stuck on "Initializing" you will need to hard reset your phone (hold home + power). Put your phone back into DFU mode but do not let go of the home button... Run Green Pois0n... release home button when you see code running down the screen.
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    1. RONZO77's Avatar
      RONZO77 -
      I am using a 3GS on 4.2.1 jailbroken greenpoison unlocked with iPad baseband of 6.15.0 and Ultrasnow injection. No problems all working I appollgize for going off subject. Does anyone know if I would try to use AT&T on this phone would I have any problems at this point. I wanna give the phone to my girl as a gift and she is on AT&T. If any one knows the correct answer to my post I will gladly thank you!!!
    1. Amadomon's Avatar
      Amadomon -
      @Ronzo: your gf will have no problems on AT&T. That's what unlocked means- she can use it on any GSM network (provided it's not a VeriPhone).
    1. RONZO77's Avatar
      RONZO77 -
      i understand the what unlock means butt for some reason we put her sim in and no luck with connecting to the internet. i tried multiple things such as resetting apns. reinstalling ultrasnow no luck.
    1. cncrim's Avatar
      cncrim -
      Did you turn on Edge/3G? Download SBSetting will make your life easier.
    1. RONZO77's Avatar
      RONZO77 -
      Yeah 3G is activated through carrier settings I haven't used sb settings in two years. I like it but I don't use it enough to keep the package. Thanks for the advice though

      I think I might do a fresh restore and see wear it gets me.I bought package backup .( love it) I recommend it to anyone like me who always wants to update but has a s@&$ ton of cydia apps.