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  • [GIVEAWAY] Bowers and Wilkins P7 Over Ear Headphones

    Stainless steel, brushed aluminum, and sheepskin leather come together to form Bowers & Wilkins' top set of headphones, the over-ear P7's.


    We've mentioned in pervious reviews - Bowers & Wilkins, or B&W as they're generally referred to, have been around since 1966 making high-end audio equipment. Back then, it was John Bowers and his buddy Roy Wilkins, handcrafting speakers in the back of an electronics shop. They're a British company, based in Worthing, England (West Sussex) - and really, if you aren't already familiar with B&W, you probably aren't an audio enthusiast.

    In the Box

    B&W's packaging is satin black, featuring a photo of the P7 headphones, silver lettering, and a tab to hang the box at the retail store. Inside, foam and a molded seat for the P7s hold everything in place. There is a manual, and a leather carrying case for the headphones. The case features a stitched pattern and a magnetic closing lid with the Bowers & Wilkins name stamped on it. The P7s fit well, although additional pieces such as the 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter (included) could easily fall out - the case isn't sealed.

    The headphones come with a cable attached with iPod controls and a microphone built in, and in the box is a separate cable without those controls and mic.


    Superb quality is synonymous with the Bowers & Wilkins name. The P7s don't disappoint, with soft genuine sheepskin leather wrapped around stainless steel and brushed aluminum accents. They feel hefty in the hand, but were the most comfortable headphones I've used in a long while. These are over-ear headphones - and the dual-cavity cushions in the cans allow for a fit which you barely notice is on your ears. I wore these on a long plane flight without needing to remove them once - a first for me.

    There's a noticeable attention to detail in the P7's design. The materials are top notch, and perfectly crafted. At $400 you expect that from a pair of headphones, and B&W delivers. No plastic or vinyl here.

    The P7 headphones are easy to bring anywhere. They fold up into a crescent, and fit easily and quickly in the included leather carrying bag. I tossed it in my carry-on and had no issues at all. The folding action is simple and makes sense. I've had issues with other headphones trying to fold this way or that, but the P7s seem to know where to go and fold first time, every time. A little thing, but an appreciated one.


    B&W touts the P7 drivers as "speaker inspired." The brushed steel grate certainly lends to that idea, and the sound matches the rest of the headphones - brilliant and well thought-out. I love over-ear headphones for their ability to fully put you in the music you're listening to, and the clarity and immersion from the P7s is great.

    Bass is full and punchy, vocals sound crystal clear, and the whole frequency range mixes cleanly. I hear things in songs I don't hear in other sets of headphones - small nuances lost in lesser systems.

    Really, the P7s are an incredible listening experience.

    Price / Conclusion

    You can pick up the P7 headphones at Apple.com for $399.95, although their shipping states 2-3 weeks. These are definitely audiophile quality, and you pay for it.

    We don't have a set of P7s to give away, but Bowers & Wilkins has provided us with a set of their $299.95 P5 mobile headphones to give away (see our previous review of the P5s here)! Use the widget below to get entries into the raffle giveaway!

    We're giving the P7 a 5 leaves rating. Easy portability, incredible sound, and great comfort make them a brilliant headliner to Bowers & Wilkins' headphones line.

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    1. Outrager's Avatar
      Outrager -
      B&W is really killing it. Every review I've seen of their headphones has been glowing. I really love their design too.
    1. plcrules's Avatar
      plcrules -
      B&W is the only company that is better than Bose but they cost a lot more
    1. waye2's Avatar
      waye2 -
      they are sexy!
    1. TwistedSoul's Avatar
      TwistedSoul -
      Super sleek and their sound is great. Would love a pair of these.
    1. staysic722's Avatar
      staysic722 -
      wow those are gorgeous. and my sony mdr-v700s are starting to fall apart! it must be fate
    1. Just Dummy's Avatar
      Just Dummy -
      After my horrific automobile accident in September I could honestly use these as I'm laid up and out of work for the next year or so. I've always thought these looked beautiful but after buying my first MacBook Pro last month I'm tapped out for awhile.
    1. plr2005's Avatar
      plr2005 -
      Never actually owned a pair of over the ear headphones. But these look wonderful
    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      I own a Pair of B&W in-ear pairs. I own a Pair of C5's. WONDERFUL Headsets.
    1. ric0suave's Avatar
      ric0suave -
      I really like the classic design and the warm sound. Hope to own a pair some day.
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      I love these headphones. Test them out every time I'm in the Apple Store, and I'm definitely overdue for a new pair of headphones.
    1. Sagacious-O's Avatar
      Sagacious-O -
      I GOT TO HAVE THIS! i can't afford it otherwise! COME ONE MODMYI!
    1. jwood152003's Avatar
      jwood152003 -
      Need these things in my life
    1. headstrain0z's Avatar
      headstrain0z -
      I've never won any give-away on this site and have tried to for almost 3 years - I've been following this page since it was called modmyiphone.com in its earlier stages. Please help me get these headphones! Thanks - you guys/gals do a wonderful job on this forum.
    1. joetheegyptian's Avatar
      joetheegyptian -
      B&W is always getting better! B&W>Beats
    1. crzyklr's Avatar
      crzyklr -
      And when are they going to announce the winner ? Or where do I check ?
    1. mfdeph805's Avatar
      mfdeph805 -
      I want please !!

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    1. buttamix's Avatar
      buttamix -
      I need these in my life
    1. Lawrence Coleman's Avatar
      Lawrence Coleman -
      I've owned my P7's for about two weeks now after having upgraded (and sold) my beloved P5's. I loved the P5's and was almost hesitant to buy the P7's out of fear that they wouldn't be worth the incremental cost.