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  • BBM Arrives for Apple's iPhone

    BlackBerry has (finally) brought its BlackBerry Messenger service - or BBM, as its known - to iOS and Android. Astonishingly, we've been waiting for BBM to turn up on the world's leading mobile operating systems for five long months.

    As we know, the Canadian smartphone maker was expected to launch the BBM messaging service on iOS and Android in September. But the cross-platform chat applications were delayed when a leaked version was distributed, effectively upending the company's formal release schedule.

    "In the next few hours, people will start seeing BBM in Google Play, the App Store and in select Samsung App Stores where it will be free to download," BlackBerry confirmed today.

    The company says its team of developers and engineers has been working around the clock on this and that "some incredible work has been done."

    To check out BBM on the App Store now, click here.

    Source: BlackBerry
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    1. WHUDS's Avatar
      WHUDS -
      By next year BB will be as dead as palm , carriers will not carry the new BB phone and businesses that were too stupid to switch to IOS and Android will be forced to.