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  • Apple iPad Pre-Orders Could Begin Next Week

    When the iPad was officially unveiled last month, we were teased with a March release date and rumors of pre-order date began to swirl.

    The web is abuzz this weekend with rampant speculation about if and when the iPad will finally be propped up for pre-order. As it stands, there's reason to believe Apple will be primed and ready to introduce the iPad for pre-ordering by February 25th. It is believed that the pre-orders will be restricted to US customers only.

    It's worth noting, of course, that the above is merely speculation resulting from "sources" familiar with the situation. But Apple has a history of releasing products for pre-order and it makes sense for the iPad to join the list - particularly amidst talk that Apple may tinker with iPad pricing based on initial interest and sales of the tablet.

    In recent weeks following the tablet's big reveal, there has been considerable talk that the iPad's formal release for purchase (or even pre-order) may yield more modest sales than were originally anticipated prior to Apple's January 27th introduction of the device. Perhaps as a consequence of the widespread anger expressed from first-in-line iPhone buyers after the significant price drop that soon followed the smartphone's 2007 release, many Apple fans and potential iPad-buyers could wait a few months after the tablet's release to actually pony up and pay for the device at a lower price.

    So if February 25th proves the pre-order date, will you be among the first to sign up?
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    1. Bluprint's Avatar
      Bluprint -
      Why wait until the price drop or until it hits stores so you can judge it for yourself?

      I just hope your not saving up for this thing, it's not worth it. Be prepared to spend 10 times the amount in apps than the regular prices and twice more for apple care (warranty) if it even covers for broken screens, water damage, etc. By the end of the year your going to see devices running at 4g speeds and higher while the iPad you paid 130 more will still be on that old 3g AT&T network. I guess it's not worth mentioning that google is coming out with a tablet too but what does it matter, it's good business and good for the economy i guess too waste your money every year on the same devices...

      btw if your buying this just to Jailbreak it then good luck. After all the wifi/bluetooth and update issues we had with the first iphone I thought ya would be a little wiser about jailbreaking.
    1. joncav2222's Avatar
      joncav2222 -
      i spoke to a bestbuy floor guy..he gave me a scoop that they already have the macbooks in the back an should have them out next week..

      they are getting the ipad

      and a good number of apple stores already have the ipads in stock there just waiting for there release date to be established..
    1. iMack007's Avatar
      iMack007 -
      ^^ How boring this trolling is becoming. If you dont like the heat, get out of the kitchen and stop complaining and whining and posting pathetic images to support your opinion on something you have never seen in reality or held, yet seek to convince 'us' that your 2 pence worth of opinion is somehow of interest to us.

      And if the news here is something to be relied upon, it seems our 3GS's already have a 1Ghz CPU i.e. same as as in iPad. Makes me wander what other goodies are yet to be discovered once we get it jailbroken.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Quote Originally Posted by iMack007 View Post
      ^^ How boring this trolling is becoming.
      Agree and deleted.