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  • HP Undercutting iPad Pricing With 3G Capable Slate Device?

    There is nothing better than some competition between companies! The Wallstreet Journal reports companies such as Sony, Dell, and Acer are reportedly all developing iPad competitors in one form or another. However HP is looking at undercutting the iPad on pricing as a significant component to that strategy.

    Even though HP's Slate was briefly demoed at CES in Vegas a few weeks before Apple announced the iPad, HP is being quiet about the details on the specs and pricing of the device and was waiting for Apple to release the iPad so they could make adjustments to respond competitively.

    Executives from HP will meet in the U.S. and Taiwan to tweak out prices and features on an upcoming keyboardless computer dubbed the Slate. HP has discussed selling a version of the Slate similar to the iPad in size and features, and including a cellular connection for a price below the $629 Apple charges for an equivalent iPad, one of these people said.

    My question is will the PC companies have the right products to compete against the iPad and will this make Apple lower its price on the iPad? Sure would be nice wouldn't it.

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    1. H0CKEY's Avatar
      H0CKEY -
      i will be investing into a HP , i already have a iphone(Broken) so a super size me iphone(ipad) is just not worth it

      so HP Slate and iPhone 4Gen should be my next fix
    1. djarben's Avatar
      djarben -
      I will get nexus one and hp slate, apple is now banning hacked phones in apps store already
    1. TooSlo's Avatar
      TooSlo -
      The title is more than a little misleading considering HP is bringing out more computer for a lower cost.

      It's not undercutting, it's blasting the competition out of the water.
    1. organik's Avatar
      organik -
      All of you whining about not having a real OS should think about this - user experience. There's a reason slate computing hasn't taken off yet, and that is it's hard to translate traditional OSs to work well with touch. There will be iPad apps that will blow your mind, I'm sure of it...and pretty much iPad apps to do whatever you want your iPad to do. And they'll all work great, which is something I promise you won't be able to say about Win7 or full Snow Leopard on a touch device. Apps will need to be redesigned for a touch UI, why not just have a touch specific OS?

      I totally understand why Apple did it. The same reasons I like Mac better than PC, it's the user experience! iPad will be successful like the iPhone BECAUSE of the app store, other touch "computers" won't be able to compete, and just wait until you see their battery life.
    1. djarben's Avatar
      djarben -
      The AppStore is very basic comparing with windows apps, ui is no need to change as win7 has many advantages of creating an app for it self, ipad is ishit on it,
    1. ty22's Avatar
      ty22 -
      I hate to say it, but I fear that the iPad won't be able to compete with this.
    1. santaf's Avatar
      santaf -
      wow this would be excellent, as long as the battery lasted some time i wouldn't really want to sit there having to charge it while i use it so much. we shall see how it turns out apple really does need to cut the price it's ridiculous.
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      Battery discussions are moot. All complete touchscreen devices fail in the battery department. The biggest example in my life is the iPhone. Now, imagine the iPad and HP's touch tablets...they will fail too.
    1. djarben's Avatar
      djarben -
      Rota the technology is completley diffrent for this hp comparing with tablets and netbooks , please do not compare them, only think u can compare the battery life
    1. santaf's Avatar
      santaf -
      hasn't it alreayd been said that the ipad battery life is really good
    1. djarben's Avatar
      djarben -
      I have put already on sale my iPhone 3gs 32gb, going for Android, I'm using htc hero and with options I have is so much fun than iPhone , it is a good phone but not for long , os and policy is the main part.
    1. lolcats1's Avatar
      lolcats1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
      Since you obviously are so highly educated on this matter, care to elaborate on how the battery technology differs between the two?

      Truly, I am enthralled to hear it.
      lol. seeing yall argue like this truly is funny.

      looks like ipad lost it's market share, before it even shipped.
    1. carlos916's Avatar
      carlos916 -
      when the heck is someone going to come out with a giant touch screen device that has an Interface to wer u can just attach ur iphone/pod and bam is just like an ipod for 1/4 of the price! ...errrrrrrrrrr
    1. djarben's Avatar
      djarben -
      Rota: first thing we learned with oled screen it improves the battery life alot, same will be used for many new tablets, going back users ago we did't have tablets we had laptop tablet, I'm not trying to your wrong, all I'm saying is the truth, if ipad allows me to thing like a win7 I will buy I pad and willing to pay double, but the truth is it will never happen, apple don't like changes because there hardwre will not be smoothly running anymore as well as the profit they making, one day it will stop, when I jailbroke my iPhone 3g for the first time I did see the difference in speed and respond, if u left it on it't original state it runs very smooth, poeple have to complain otherwise apple will never consider this os policy or hardware
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      I can tell you that I have owned two HP tablet PCs before I gave up trying and traded in for a macbook. Unless their product quality is a vast improvement on the last machine I had a little over a year ago, this wouldn't even be a consideration for me.
    1. TC316's Avatar
      TC316 -
      When you don't have the ability to develop your own product, do the next best thing and steal their idea.... Did HP buy up a bunch of iPads and slap their logo on? Looks that way... I've lost a bit of respect for them.....
    1. TooSlo's Avatar
      TooSlo -
      Quote Originally Posted by TC316 View Post
      When you don't have the ability to develop your own product, do the next best thing and steal their idea.... Did HP buy up a bunch of iPads and slap their logo on? Looks that way... I've lost a bit of respect for them.....
      You may want to re-think your comment there. CES 2010 was Jan 5-10th, when HP had initially announced production of a tablet/slate style device.

      Considering there are already numerous tablet/slate devices on the market running OS versions including everything from Windows or Android all the way to Linux or homebrews.

      Please don't try painting a company in a bad light when they announced the product over two weeks before Apple unveiling the iPad.
    1. prgeno's Avatar
      prgeno -
      Quote Originally Posted by TC316 View Post
      When you don't have the ability to develop your own product, do the next best thing and steal their idea.... Did HP buy up a bunch of iPads and slap their logo on? Looks that way... I've lost a bit of respect for them.....
      That is an interesting theory. HP introduces and demos their Slate product at CES, almost a month before Apple introduces the iPad which still isn't shipping today. That would appear to make it pretty difficult for HP to have copied the iPad by buying a bunch of (why would they need more than one anyway?) something that didn't even exist when HP introduced their product.

      A conspiracy theory even the staunchest Apple lemming couldn't come up with.
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      You got the specs already? Wow let us know about it

      Quote Originally Posted by s4mb4 View Post
      the biggest issue with this HP device will be power. it will probably have a usable battery life (if running windows anything) of about 2 hours.
      i can't wait to buy my iPad....
    1. chuckiecheese's Avatar
      chuckiecheese -
      maybe hp's version will be a REAL computer....hopefully hackintoshable..