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  • 'untrackerd' Cydia Tweak stops iOS Location Data Storing

    Following yesterday's discovery that iOS 4 on both iPhone and iPad are actually tracking a users every location, on the fly, at every moment, the jailbreak community has beaten Apple to the punch once again and release 'untracked' a simple utility that stops location storing. The app was cooked up by popular JB dev Ryan Petrich released the utility, which stops iOS from writing to the specific database that stores the location. It should not affect any other settings or features of the phone. The latest version is still brand new, and is at build 0.1.

    The particular database file that 'untracked' blocks is consolidated.db, it also will clean up information that already exists in the database. More importantly, the utility requires no options for the user to worry about. It just fixes the problem.

    It's description in Cydia reads:
    This package installs a daemon (process that can run in the background) to clean consolidated.db file) No new icons are added to your homescreen. There are no options to configure.
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    1. kibus999's Avatar
      kibus999 -
      The last change I made to my phone was installing untrackerd and my phone is boned, it may just be an unfortunate coincidence.

      My phone would randomly crash. The phone dies but the "last screen" isn't cleared, and you can still see whatever was on the screen. When the powerbutton was pressed it would start to boot and once when it rebooted it said cannot connect to the network please connect to itunes and restore you phone.

      Rebooted a few more times and that went away. Then it kinda worked but would still randomly crash but at long intervals.

      Today the phone wouldn't boot unless it is connected to a PC and would crash if removed and not ejected from the PC.

      I've naturally uninstalled untrackerd but the behavior is still there, I'll restore my phone as soon as I can; but this all started within 8 hours of installing untrackerd.

      The good news is I'm apparently the only person with this problem, so it very well may be a very unfortunate coincidence.
    1. HeavyD4's Avatar
      HeavyD4 -
      I don't think it's coinsedense everyone I know that has takin steps to block the copying of data using n e method has had a weird malfunction to there device, I don't think it's the tweak I think the people collecting the data notice that they r not able to all of a sudden r sending an indirect message that they know people r trying to prevent it and they r showing they r capable of messing with us further if they choose 2. Maybe a LIL muscle flexing?
    1. 14u2nv's Avatar
      14u2nv -
      I was having tons of trouble after installing it on my phone. Phone calls would keep ringing without going to voicemail, phone would freeze on the answer/decline screen requiring a reboot. battery life went down, connections slowed. I don't know how much of this was actually related to this app, but as soon as I removed it I quit having issues. Them being able to track me is worth having my working phone back.
    1. HeavyD4's Avatar
      HeavyD4 -
      if we really think about it when ur device picks up a cell tower I'm sure it's identified and if there are motives behind this they could track people more ways than one to do so, I don't like that they r tracking people secretly but unless ur up to no good who cares, Also people want apps that can find there phone if they loose it so its the same thing. If they wanna know were I am at all times they must b really bored and stop waisting that time n use it on fixing the problems they have with there devices, It looks like other companies r moving up faster than apple right now.
    1. trackerbuster's Avatar
      trackerbuster -

      This script is designed to "patch" the iPhone "bug" that makes it store user movement data.

      This will not harm your device in any form, it will just configure consolidated.db to auto purge via standard sql calls.

      No executable code or external program needed running on the iPhone.

      This patch IS USABLE on NOT JAILBROKEN devices too

      Extended info in the script itself, just open it with any text or code editor


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    1. HeavyD4's Avatar
      HeavyD4 -
      Hello I'm back with some more info about this tracking crap! Since it began and people started using things to block the info of our locations many people have said strange things have been happening to there devices, when I first installed untrackerd my device sent me a notice that my device is over heating n I can't use it til it cools off and I wasn't using or charging it. So I rebooted and it cleared, I removed the tweak and it was normal since. Yesterday I tried a tweak to do the same thing and I got the same message about over heating n that's impossible my phone was off the hole night. I think when apple notices it can't get the info from my Device it does that to my phone as a warning or something, if n e has a similar situation please let me know thank u