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  • Apple's New iPhone 5S Case is Both Gorgeous and Comfortable

    When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, they also unveiled a number of new cases for the devices. Apple manufactures these cases themselves, and they are made to fit the devices perfectly, down to every detail.

    Today, we’ll be looking at Apple’s iPhone 5S case. Despite the name, the case is compatible with both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5. This is a luxurious case made from aniline leather, this means that over a long period of time, the coloring of the case may change due to the oils that come from your fingers, as well as natural fading. We’ve picked up the black version of the case to show you.

    As you can see through the packaging above, the back of the case actually has an Apple logo pressed into the leather. This is a notable detail, since many cases actually hide this iconic logo.

    Because the exterior of both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S handsets is so delicate and can be scratched very easily, Apple covered the interior of their case with a soft microfiber, almost fuzzy interior that prevents any scuffing to the metal of the iPhone:

    When you place your iPhone into the case, you'll hear a snap, confirming that the iPhone has been properly seated into the case. As you can see, the case hugs the iPhone tightly:

    The front face of the iPhone is very easily accessible; it’s not covered by any kind of goofy skins. By Apple’s nature, this case is minimalistic. The front access is important for the iPhone 5S because nothing can cover the fingerprint scanner for it to work properly.

    Apple also takes careful attention when making sure all of the device’s ports are easily accessible, and that the speaker and microphone grilles are drilled to perfection. Each of the holes line up perfectly, and the Lightning port has a nice wide opening for all of Apple’s Lightning connectors, and a number of third party connectors. Notably, the headphone jack is a bit tight and won’t work with all connectors, but does work well with Apple’s EarPods:

    The volume buttons, as well as the sleep/wake button, are covered by the leather case, but a raised bump indicates where the buttons are. The ring/silent switch can be reached through the small hole in the case with ease:

    As for the camera, you’ll notice just the right sized opening with a black ring around it to prevent flash glare. There is plenty of room for both the iPhone 5’s smaller flash, and the iPhone 5S’ dual-flash:

    While you can see pictures of the case, pictures won’t do the case justice. Leather is a very grippy material, and because of this, it feels so right in your hand. There is a lot of grip, so you don’t feel like Butterfingers while using your iPhone. In addition, the case's low profile makes it feel light and right. The craftsmanship of the case gives you the sure feeling that it will last for a long time, possibly even longer than the iPhone itself.

    The iPhone 5S case from Apple is available in Black, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red, and Tan. It retails for $39.00 on Apple's Web site, and if you're looking for a minimalistic and sleek-looking case for your iPhone that will protect it from mild drops and prevent scratches to the aluminum, then this is the case for you.

    Because of the stylish look and sturdy design, we're giving Apple's iPhone 5S case 4 out 5 leaves.

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    1. carss1's Avatar
      carss1 -
      I gave up waiting for iPhone5S, torturing. Gonna wait for 6.
    1. vikramkyle's Avatar
      vikramkyle -
      Thanks for sharing information..
    1. John_723's Avatar
      John_723 -
      I like this case. Its pretty simplistic and minimalistic.
    1. Cem0s's Avatar
      Cem0s -
      Amazing ,
      Where i can buy
    1. mrice0107's Avatar
      mrice0107 -
      You should see the case I got
    1. samqthegame's Avatar
      samqthegame -
      Looks sleek, but for $40 I'd prefer to get a living case that can tell me how it's feeling.
    1. glgbnaf's Avatar
      glgbnaf -
      I refer my life proof case and makes iPhone water proof and dust proof and it's held up for almost a year!! It's been through rain, beach,boating and swimming no issues
    1. buttamix's Avatar
      buttamix -
      That case is sooooo sick. I'm a huge fan of this case. I love how sleek it is. I love the subtleness of how they placed the volume buttons