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  • Virgin Mobile Launching Prepaid iPhone 5S, 5C Next Tuesday

    Virgin Mobile has updated its website to herald the forthcoming launch of Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C on its network.

    Beginning October 1st, the prominent prepaid wireless carrier will begin carrying both devices. For now, the carrier is yet to announce pricing, although little is expected to change from the previous model's launch. Last time, the iPhone 5 retailed for $550 off contract.

    As MMi reported earlier this week, a number regional wireless carriers will start offering coverage of the new Apple iPhones beginning next Tuesday as well. The carriers and their markets include:

    • Bluegrass Cellular: Kentucky
    • Cellcom: Michigan and Wisconsin
    • C Spire Wireless: Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Georgia
    • Strata: Utah
    • MTA: Alaska
    • GCI: Alaska
    • Appalachian Wireless: Kentucky and Virginia
    • Ntelos: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina
    • Nex:Tech Wireless: Kansas and Colorado

    In the coming weeks, more carriers are expected to announce plans to cover the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

    Source: Virgin Mobile
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Wow...that is $100 less than any other carrier. Not bad at all. Meaning the 5C should be $450. Cheapest prices going at this time.
    1. tongxinshe's Avatar
      tongxinshe -
      Meaningless, this carrier allows no unlocked phones and will never unlock your phone, so, you will have to buy a separate phone whatsoever for your travel time, and you will have to leave your old phone in the closet (no resale value at all) when you upgrade.
    1. dapes's Avatar
      dapes -
      Wow usually Virgin has to wait 6 months before the latest release of iPhones.
    1. trauma717's Avatar
      trauma717 -
      I understood the 5S was the first iPhone that is compatible on every network.. Getting it unlocked cost $10 online.. Ive done it plenty of times, so I agree this is pretty cheap IF it holds out to be the same price for the 5S.. I wonder if they will have any gold